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    What do you spend planet commendations on?

    As simple as the title is, do you spend them on Gear for yourself? Gear for a companion? Lockboxes? Just thought i'd see what the rest of the gamers are doing after they have accumulated enough commendations to buy something? Another question, are the epic lockboxes worth buying? cheers.

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    If the mods are better than what I have, I generally buy those. I have a mostly orange setup, so between Artifice and Specialist mods I'm able to keep my gear upto date.

    Also, why is it that most of the time the vendor only have 1 "Might Hilt" while it often has two of most other things? Wouldn't be so bad, but it's the lower version too.
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    I look at the gear. If there are Oranges, I see if i like them better than what I have. Then I look at the blues to see if it's better than what I have if I don't have an orange in that slot. Then I buy Mods.

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    i usually always spend them on orange gear that i think looks cool, for either myself or my companion.

    i never buy lockboxes because it's random loot which i would just vendor since i don't feel like visiting the GTN every few hours; which is strange because in wow i spent over half my time at the AH... must've been a boredom thing.

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    Once you have near all orange items I think mods are probably the best way to go for upgrading gear. Only gear I've actually bought at high level were mainly for appearance rather than it being better statwise. Then I blow the rest on lockboxes most to least expensive until i'm out of commendations being as once you outlevel the gear they offer the commendations aren't worth saving for later.

    I did buy 1 single epic lockbox out of curiousity and it had an item neither my character nor his companions to use. I don't plan on buying another one.

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    Lately I've been going for companion upgrades (:

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    Depends, if there was a really good item for me, I bought that. Usually I had enough commendations for one item and one artifact (purple) lockbox.
    If no item was available that I really wanted, just the lockbox and then mods.
    I don't think that the lockboxes are worth it solo (unless you're either planing on playing each class anyways or maybe if you can sell them on the GTN), but in my Guild we all just bought them and switched the items around. Worked out pretty good. The items are really good.

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    I buy orange gear for my companions.

    I'm a cybertech so i can keep them fairly up to date and nothing makes questing easy like a well geared companions (especially Mako!)

    The epic lock boxes have also yielded some nice loot for me my companions and guild mates in the past as well for larger planets like Tatooine and Hoth

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    I spent all mine on mods for myself and my companions. Didn't bother with the equipment.

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    As an Artifice, I make my own mods so I usually spend the commendations on companion gear. It is easy enough to get gear for yourself.

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    I spent it on gear for my companions

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    If an item was an upgrade I would pick it up, most of the time I outleveled the gear on a particular planet and would have gotten a better drop along the way. I will probably need to gear out Vik / M4X1 soon as they seem to get beat pretty hard against elites (although that may just be normal)

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    Quote Originally Posted by alilei31 View Post
    where are the vendors at for these? got a ton of them dont know where to spend them.
    Every planet has their own vendor. But for convenience's sake they are also all located in your fleet. Look at your map and turn on vendors. There is a row of them in the outer ring (I don't remember which part of the map though).

    As to what I get?I always forget I have these damn commendations. So by the time I leave the planet I am sitting with about 35-40 of them (and I am past their gear/weapon upgrades - and so is Qyzen). I buy the lockboxes and sell whatever they contain.
    I'm still thinking about it...

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    Only orange gear, because it's the only stuff you can use at lvl 50 if it looks good.

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    At 50 - Orange gear for my companions, which I then re-mod for lvl 50.

    While I was leveling I spent them on gear for myself like hilts/plating/mods or orange pieces I didn't have yet.

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    Here is my approach:
    1. Does the gear look cool? Yes I will buy it, no next step
    2. Does the gear have at least 2 mods/armor/hilt/enhancements that would be upgrades in ANY of my gear? Yes I will buy it (and strip the mods out as it is cheaper than buying 2), no next step
    3. Are there mods on the vendor that are upgrades? Yes I will buy it, no next step
    4. Does the companion I use 90% need an upgrade? Yes I will buy it, no next step
    5. walk away and save em for later which i am sure I will never use
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    I usually buy mods and whatnot for my armor...however, I've noticed a distinct lack of 'Resolve' mods on the mod vendors. These are the only mods I use. I've had to use the GTN for the past 10 levels or so, it's really annoying. Currently, I have something like 32 Coruscant coms, 30 Taris Coms, 22 Nar Shaddaa Coms...and really nothing to spend them on.

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    I deal them from secret drugs.

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    I tend to like orange gear and I tend to want to keep it updated, which generally means upgrading the "parts" of each orange.

    If you look at a basic orange, like a chest piece, it's going to cost you 14 commo's (generally speaking). That piece has an armoring, a mod, and a enhancement slot. Individually that would be 16 commos ... 2 for the enhancement, 7 for the armoring and 7 for the mod. If your a crafter, or are friends with a crafter, it's better to buy the *parts* then to buy the pieces cause your actually need to gear up both yourself and your companion and there are just not enough commo's to keep both of you geared if your buying whole pieces.

    Being a cybertech, I take care of the armoring and mod slots myself so I just need to buy enchancements, barrels, etc ... and the occasional blue *off* piece like a generator, waist or wrists. Doing this allows me to keep both myself and my companion in the latest and greatest without much effort.

    I tried the random purple route several times ... got something useful once, a couple of AH fodder items ... then I got something really really weird (like a purple schemeatic or droid core or something) and swore off the purple boxes from that point forward. With the leftover commos I just grab blue or green boxes to augment income. I don't waste the time or credits trying to keep a second companion geared ... as a healer, I just need the DPS companion and that's it ... and on my Tank alt, I just need the healer and that's it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dynati View Post
    As an Artifice, I make my own mods so I usually spend the commendations on companion gear. It is easy enough to get gear for yourself.
    You can only make hilts, colour crystals and enhancements with Artifice though. The mod vendor will sell you armor plates, barrels and mods, to keep your own and your companions gear up to date.

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