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    Is anyone considering that he might just be crap? note that people were doing that in 359 gear and most only used 2 piece. With his gear level and most likely atleats a spellpower totem he should be doing more. Ultraxion isnt the best fight for sp's but 22k is just crap.
    Um. No. You're wrong. First, the shaman was not using a sp totem, that would be silly. Enh and Ele shamans use Searing Totem - but only Ele's get the SP effect. So they didn't have the buff.

    The buffs they had were: 3% increased damage (BM hunter), lust/hero/warp, 5% crit, 5% haste (of course), and some of the other mana/stat ones that aren't 'major'
    Missing: 5% spell crit, 6% SP buff, 6/8/10% SP debuff (also, make one of your hunters pull out a Dragonhawk or Wind Serpent for 8% SP - the other hunter pet buffs are already covered)

    Second, they're actually not 'crap' as you suggested. When I ran Rezzme through SimulationCraft (which shouldn't be taken as law, but merely as 'ballpark') at 50,000 iterations for a 300s fight with the buffs your comp provides for your shadow, it gave me the optimal, non-moving, non-button pressing DPS for them as 24,080. Keep in mind that your World of Logs does not include the shadowy apparition damage or the shadowfiend, which did over 300k combined damage and would add about 800 dps, putting them pretty much at 23k, for that attempt. So, your priest isn't doing too badly for what they have to work with. Just keep their dots up a bit more and they'd be close to perfect.

    I also simmed their dps increase if a hunter pulled out a pet for the 8% SP debuff mentioned above - 26007 DPS. So.. I would suggest doing that. A 2000 DPS upgrade is no small thing for a very small change.
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    For a little bit of mastery but hes playing close to what his current gear is capable of.
    I would suggest getting a DMC volcano or another trinket from DS norm and im also seeing that most normal gear will give huge upgrades for him up to a couple k in dps
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    Quote Originally Posted by Venith View Post
    Keep in mind that your World of Logs does not include the shadowy apparition damage or the shadowfiend
    You would be wrong, they are already included in his DPS. Now, it's pretty obvious that this shadow priest should press his shadow fiend button more often.

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    I seem to be having the same issue... pulling around 18k - 22k.

    Here's my armory if anyone can pinpoint the problem...

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