[I unfortunately cannot post my armory / Not enough post] -> Character name: Mudshake (Hyjal)

I feel like I'm having really bad dps problem since I've switched to 4-piece T13.

Used to raid in a 25-men guild when 4.3 hit. Back then I had 4-piece T12 (2x378, 2x391). I'll take Ultraxion as my main exemple, but even on our first attempts I used to do in between 28k and 33k dps with an ilvl averaging 382'ish. Additionnaly, on about every boss in DS, I was always top 5 dps.

Recently, the guild split up and 10 of us formed a new one. Around this time I also managed to get 4-piece T13 (2x 384, 2x397). The only difference buff-wise between the 10 and 25 men guild was the loss of the 10% extra spell damage buff. (I only benefit from 6% from AB now)

Since I managed to grab the new set. I lowered my haste from 2005'ish to 1532 (Trying to get around 1505) and boosted my crit, yet sometimes I can end up for about a full 30-45 seconds without criting once. Yesterday, I did a whopping 23k dps on Ultraxion (10). I've never ever been this low (which is what pushed me into coming here). I ended up getting the 397 chest/pants afterward, but I don't think it's gonna fully fix the problem at all. I've ran several simcraft on patchwerk style fights:

For the 1st simcraft: I simulated a target dummy where I wouldn't use any type of potions/flask/timewarp and only self-buff (Limiting myself to a 4 min fight/around 3 combustion uses). This test was done just to see if I could, in a simple context, simulate around the exact dps simcraft was giving me (and to factor out the loss of the 10% spell-dmg buff). It's results were of around ~27k dps overall. Mine, on a target dummy, were usually of around 24k-25k.

For the 2nd simcraft: I simulated a fully buffed-up raid setting minus flask/potions. Simcraft averaged a ~37k dps overall. I went on to try it out in the LFR on Ultraxion for something that's close enough to a patchwerk style. I ended up averaging 31k dps, which is around the same thing as I used to do back in 4-piece T12, and most likely much lower than the current gear should allow me to do.

My usual rotation:

Flame Orb -> LB -> Mirror Image -> Scorch (For debuff) -> Fireball until crit (45k+) -> Combust -> Repeat, but always fishing for Pyro! for subsequent Combust unless Ladyluck fucks me up.

I also tried Hardcasting pyro at the beginning of the fight to skip the scorch, or even fishing for a pyro for the first combust, but I've found out it doesn't change much in the balance for me. Most likely, the latter will delay my first combust by a large amount when I'm very unlucky.

As of combustion, I'm trying to dodge ignite munching as much as I can, delaying the trigger happy HS a little from the previous FB, averaging in between 7.5k-9.5k/ticks (As shown on the debuff tooltip; not the real numbers popping on the screen). Ignites and Combustion were never a problem before tho, but now it seems I'm getting so much less opportunities to combust I often have to roll out with something sub-optimal. Simcraft tells me combust should factor for 10% of my damage though, which is exactly on the spot on my recount. The only thing that seems a little off the chart is my LB (Factors for 4% more of my overall damage on Simcraft), but it has near a 100% uptime... The only time it would end up not being on the target was when I would be in the middle of a fireball cast.

Now I'm looking at all of this and I don't get what the problem is. Stat-wise I have the haste set-up to get my reachable plateau and crit-wise I'm dealing with a little more than 29% crit self-buffed. Is there something I am completely missing out? Like is it possible to reach those Simcraft numbers?