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    My little beta review

    I've been in the beta since F&F but I haven't said anything in this forum yet. Here are my opinions on the game so far:

    Visuals: 9/10
    For a game in this genre, the graphics and visuals are almost perfect. The animations of characters as well as monsters and the environments are far above anything I've seen in other action rpg dungeon crawlers. Although Titanquest looked a bit better in some ways, I feel the style of D3 is cohesive enough to out do it. The only thing I'm having a bit of trouble getting used to is the overuse of pastel colors vs the darker feel D1 and 2 had. It really does give it a smoother look and improve spell effects though, so I'm good with it.

    Sound: 10/10
    There are some new sounds as well as some from the earlier Diablos. All are dark and sinister, a perfect fit for the series.

    Gameplay: 9/10
    I am having just as much fun in D3 as I did in the beginning of D2. The new controls and keybind settings are phenomenal. For example on my Demon Hunter I bound Vault to Mouse B4. I simply point and click the little side button and boom I'm yards away ready to rapid fire something down. This new feature is going to really enhance Arena PvP play in retail. The addition of interactive environments such as dropping a chandelier on unsuspecting mobs is just fun. (I wish there were more of them!)

    Replay Value: 10/10
    I have played through to beta cap with each class during F&F beta, and then again after it reset for the new beta phase. Each time has been fun and I already find myself logging in just to do some magic finding or search for little caves. Today I found a den I had somehow overlooked after all this time. It had 2 levels to it and there were 2 rare mobs! If I'm getting this much playtime out of a tiny little beta, I can only imagine how many hours I'll be playing retail.

    Yes the beta is small and many of us are getting impatient, but this game is sure to please any Diablo fan. It would be a mistake to write it off. Others have written up long well thought reviews, I just thought I'd add my 2 cents.

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    Way too many 10/10's 10/10 suggests perfection and no game is perfect. I also have been in since before the reset and I guess I am not as easily impressed. Don't get me wrong so far I have enjoyed it although I have barely played Diablo II and am not really up to date on the storyline behind the series I feel I can still judge the values you have rated above.

    Visuals are a 7/10 I have yet to see anything visually that is that striking while it is leaps and bounds better than Diablo II that is expected they are a little better than average for a game with todays technology.

    Sound is a 6/10 nothing special here . The storylines are voiced over very well but the rest is average for a major release. I use a HD headset and am not hearing anything to get excited and give a 10/10 on.

    Gameplay is an 8/10 it's fun and the actual gameplay is more fluid than Diablo 2 and each class has the ability to make some variations in playstyle which is nice. If you played Diablo 2 it's very similar the use of the mouse and keybinds is simple and easy to get used to.

    Replay is an 8/10 as well while it is fun to level every class to see how they differ the storyline is completely the same for each a little bit of a class questline would have probably made it a little more interesting rather than doing the same content every new character.

    While I am trying to be objective in this little review I'm not trying to bash the OP for dropping a lot of 10/10's I'm just saying there is room for improvements and I don't really feel anything in this game so far is 100% perfect.

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    This series is not in the RPG genre, the story isn't really a main focus. Seeing the lore is one thing, experience an in-depth and personalized story like you get in SWTOR is another. If you remember D2 yourself, the story was not really that important. I've probably gone through at least a hundred characters in my ten years because you could get through the "story" in all of ten minutes.

    The fun is the hacking, the slashing, and of course some loot here and there.

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    if you've never played diablo franchise before, you'll give the game 9 - 10 out of 10 like the first poster, but if you have played 1 and 2, you'll definitely be expecting more, close to what vindicator rated except i found the sound quite good at least an 8 , tho the female wiz voice and lines were abit stupid tbh, replay value, well since the beta is such a small proportion of the game i wouldn't even rate it, visuals is about a 7 and gameplay is about a 7 - 8.

    tho i'm really surprise they are letting you get crafting material so easy, you can jst go to the npc buy infinite 140/160g cloth chest or somthing then cube it for mats then use that to craft/upgrade your bs and what not, i'm looking forward to the crafting feature, its definitely not original, but i just know i'll have alot of fun farming and trying to craft for a ' perfect ' rng piece haha, i think anyone who is a gamer should give diablo 3 a shot regardless if you have played the franchise before!

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    I really love visual of D3. It looks much better than D2 if you ask me. D2's visula is fine but I think it's quite dull.

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    I personally would give the sound 10/10 too, I really felt that out of everything, the sound got it perfect.... and I'm someone who usually plays with the majority of sound off and my own music.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SushiBarrel View Post
    if you've never played diablo franchise before, you'll give the game 9 - 10 out of 10 like the first poster, but if you have played 1 and 2, you'll definitely be expecting more
    I got Diablo 1 when I was 12 years old (1996) and have been playing Diablo games since. As I stated in the beginning of my post, these are my opinions. Based on the tiny little beta we got, I think that this game is going to be incredible. Compared to Diablo 1, Diablo II was amazing and LoD made it even better. I don't think that the jump from D2>D3 will rival what the jump from D1>D2 was, but I do feel that it will provide the same amount of fun and replay value. Those scores I gave were based in the realm of Diablo as a franchise. Diablo was never an incredible state of the art looking game, so the visuals are spot on. If I were comparing it to a modern game such as BF3, it would receive a 3/10. I'm not going to compare apples with oranges.

    I was expecting something as good as D2 and so far (let's just say start -> Blood Raven = start > Skeleton King) that is exactly what I have experienced. Maybe even better. Not trying to argue, you're entitled to your opinions. I just wanted to defend my stance on the game a bit.
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