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    Lol @ all the people screaming "NEW RAID TIER!!1!" when they saw the Feldrake.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dorfie View Post
    Yet more content I pay Blizzard to produce that remains unavailable to me. Cool cool cool.
    Vanity items count as "content" now?
    Quote Originally Posted by Precursor View Post
    "Fall of therzane....." what? if that woman fell , god help us it will be the second cataclysm
    Words that lots of people don't seem to know the definition of:
    "Troll", "Rehash", "Casual", "Dead", "Dying", "Exploit".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kizaru View Post
    Seriously enough with the TCG loot... they are sending that crap like once a month recently.
    Just an FYI, the last TCG expansion that came out was "Throne of the Tides" which was released on October 11, which i probably dont need to say was almost 3 months ago.

    Datamined =/= released.

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    "The sword was proccing 10% more frequently than any other Gurthalak-using spec, so we're going to make it so that it procs about half as frequently as the previously-lowest proccing spec. You're balanced! Have fun!"

    Honestly, it was nice that they were able to pick up on such a bug but.... the sword's proc is now near-neglible compared to other specs. I would hope Blizzard would know better than to balance a class around a bug.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vook View Post
    Vanity items count as "content" now?
    Yes, actually. It's conceived, concepted, modeled, textured and delivered into the game files, what else would it count as?

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    Italian Localization, glad i'll still be able to chose English

    now just prepare for the mass of Crushridge Kids
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    Shame the TCG is so effing expensive in the UK it costs £90 a box, that is ridiculous so hell to the no

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    "If you're saying creating said spreadsheet takes an equivalent amount of time as coding a system in the game whereby item distribution accounts for the spec you're fulfilling in a dungeon, you're wrong. We're not that naive. We knew from the start of designing the Raid Finder system that we'd need to build a smarter loot distribution system to regulate fair play."

    Then why, I wonder, was the dev team unable to notice another glaringly obvious oversight in the LFR system, such as, oh say, the major bug that allowed people to run LFR lockouts and the normal dungeon lockouts separately-acquiring more loot than intended? Maybe this came to your attention recently? I think it caused some minor issues in the race for world first Dragon Soul? Was that your idea of fair play, maybe?

    I don't know what they are paying you guys for over there, but it certainly isn't to think. If this is your idea of PR then maybe you guys need to hire a new monkey to post on the forums for you

    .It sounds like it "was also really important to [you] to get Raid Finder working and implemented with the Dragon Soul raid" so much that you rushed it and made a huge oversight. This is all well and good, we're all human right? What I don't get is that instead of owning up to your mistake you decide to punish your players for not knowing how you wanted them to use a new and original loot and lockout system that they the majority of the playerbase had no exposure to outside of the PTR.

    Speaking of the PTR, why didn't you guys nail this bug on the PTR before it went life? Isn't that the purpose of the PTR? Maybe I'm mistaken.But there's a cherry on this cake-instead of banning everyone who abused your mistake, you only bother to ban the top guilds and simply ignore your average joe guild who did precisely the same despite the compilation of evidence from local sources on your very servers.

    That's some kinda magic trick you have going there, Blizz.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarella View Post
    I feel sorry for ret pallies, they never get to have fun anymore.
    they had fun in season4 and season 5 =)

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    Italian Localization Mentions of an Italian localization popped up in the Patch 4.3.2 files, but the actual localization is not in game yet. This does not confirm for sure that the Italian localization will be added, just hints that it might be. Let's just wait to see if there is anything official about it in the future before getting excited.
    Finally..i have waited 6 years for this..Ty blizz

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    yea yeah NErf Pala More and more... they should be behind tanks in dps otherwise blizzard wont be happy lol at balance masters

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    i love tcg loot, i have loads of it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dorfie View Post
    Yet more content I pay Blizzard to produce that remains unavailable to me. Cool cool cool.
    get a job maybe? you also dont pay blizzard to produce content. You pay the right to access the game servers every month, i think all the patches they give you for free should be enough for you not to whine.
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    Hm I knew the bug existed but I thought it was proccing from Seals of Command 7% extra damage as well as the 5 cap censure 17% weapon damage thus 3x the proc rate. I was amazed to find out a Norm Gurth outweighed Heroic Slicer when I ran tests on them. Looks like if it falls out too bad I can switch to H Slicer. I sure will miss having 8+ tentacles out during Bloodlust.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SteveeRoo View Post
    Shame the TCG is so effing expensive in the UK it costs £90 a box, that is ridiculous so hell to the no
    That's for the Throne of Tides booster box, which holds 36 packs. You regular 24 booster pack boxes go from anywhere £30 to £150, depending on the rarity of items you might get. That's how they make money, in all those crap card games - booster packs.

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    I'm glad that I quit this game, and never will return. Wasted items on yet another TCG expansion. This items would fit the Well of Eternity items quite well, as counterpart of the Magister's Terrace with the White Hawk Strider, Phoenix pet and Blood Elf Transformation Orb....... but noooooooooo...... the multi-billion $$$$$ company needs more $$$$$$$$$ to produce more $$$$$$$$$$ instead of pleasing their customers even once an expansion.

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    italian localization sounds so bad
    ready for Ashbringer becoming Portacenere? Stormwind -> Vento di Tempesta? so many cool english words will sound awful in italian
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    Oh God yes, I've always had this problem with translating games from english to local languages. Just removes the charm of the game entirely. Not to mention that to match the sheer variety of terms used in WoW they'll have to resort to slang and regionally used words, it'll sound so silly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarella View Post
    I feel sorry for ret pallies, they never get to have fun anymore.
    Regardless, it will give me the motivation I need to pump out even more DPS with my own abilities.

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    This upsets me honestly... I don't collect the cards anymore so I won't be getting those awesome rewards =(.

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    The Dark Legacy prior to the one shown is far better....

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    nice pices

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