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    The more worthless you are the better your loot !!!

    I ran 5 different toons through LFR and is it just me or the more worthless your dps and the crappier you play the better your rolls are ? This is fail !!!

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    Gotta love LFR, eh?

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    This again...........grow up, calm down, other generic, obligatory responses, etc, etc
    Quote Originally Posted by kasath
    is anyone in this group under 18? my parole officer says I'm not allowed to play wow with anyone under 18

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    Ye, I've noticed this time and time again.

    Maybe there's a hidden roll bonus for crappy people because they need it more than good people.

    Won something though, today, while being top DPS. First time for everything.
    Statix will suffice.

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    There is no hidden roll. Only paranoia.

    "I was top dps and one of the 17 DPS below me won loot! CONSPARICY!"
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    My friends had this theory back in BC when people were pugging Kara and other raids.

    It was always the crappiest player getting the rolls in their favor.

    They would all just say "I guess I just need to not know how to play my class and I get lootz"

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    Well the last one I did on my enhancement shammy there was a rogue who was number 17 with a whopping 19k dps on Deathwing when everyone else was over 40k and he took both slow axes that dropped when I ran my hunter the guy at the very bottom of the list won 2 out of the three bows and what's funny is that someone actually called it before he won cause he sucked. Now I am just asking should I just auto attack once combat starts on Deathwing ? Mind you I am talking about pure crap afk dps not about anyone below me in a chart I understand classes just fine I have all ten at 85.

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    Well actually, I'm nearly always top DPS, and I told a guildie of mine who was healing in the same LFR as me that I would slack on Hagara, to see what loot I'd get.

    Guess what? I won 2 pieces on 1 boss.

    RNG? Yes. But funny nonetheless.

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    I have no problem winning tier, but when it comes to things like trinkets/weapons/rings they always go to the afk or horribly bad people.

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    top dps on one fight and won 2 items.. so yea rng is rng

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    i see that litteraly 60% of the loots are won by the crappy tanks, 2 worst healers, or the dps's doing 15k dps on madness, but never died -_-
    I actually counted gear dropped, who won, and how they did.

    fuck me, next time i go lfr i'll start wanding that motherfucker, get my last tier pieces and new trinks and gtfo outa there.
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    Well I did the best in my last one and got the Vial of Shadows. So I think I it worked out pretty well that run. Although, thats the only item I ever rolled for in LFR.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Standsalone View Post
    I ran 5 different toons through LFR and is it just me or the more worthless your dps and the crappier you play the better your rolls are ? This is fail !!!
    If your logic is correct, that means I should have godlike gear.. which sadly I don't perhaps it's the rng gods messing with me

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    I've noticed this seems to happen quite a bit not just in LFR/LFD but even in pugs. That's RNG for you though

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    I have been 1st on dps is almost every lfr i have done on my hunter. I have almost full LFR set. Got 4p t13 first week, both hunter weps 2nd week and a 5th teir bit and wrist/belt/non teir gloves/ring since then.

    So no they don't reward the low dps. You are just unlucky.

    Did deathwing on my warrior this week, 2h sword droped and somebody that already had it won and gave it to me because i was top melee dps. So there are nice people in lfr.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vedni View Post
    There is no hidden roll. Only paranoia.

    "I was top dps and one of the 17 DPS below me won loot! CONSPARICY!"
    Yeah, what's more, most of those blow-your-own-trumpet melee DPSers were only at the top because they spammed AoE on Madness, causing bloods to heal up 21 times, causing one of the tanks to die and be combat ressed by one of the not-so-retarded ferals (one who does actually know when it's time to focus single target), before they finally switched to single target so they could shout out how awesome they are at the end when the boss was dead.

    The boss dieing is no thanks to them, but they still feel like they've got some right to shout out. It's exactly the same as melee, particularly Warriors, back on Lich King. They'd purposely spam AoE as adds are running in to the tank, then seemingly stop doing it when the adds were actually in position, and then complain it's the tanks fault that the adds are running all over.

    They get a polite "piss off" everytime one of these scenarios crops up. We used to have a Warrior. He was tank when i joined the same guild, but switched to DPS after a year or so. When he was a tank, he was fair, and didn't give any shit to anyone except the types i described above. Mere weeks after switching to DPS, he became the worst offender for it and so me and the other existing tanks gave him the highest amount of shit we'd given to anyone, simply for being so ironic in his complaints. Explaining to him that DPS means shit if you died to the adds, or that you should hold off on Whirlwind at least until the adds are being tanked properly rarely did anything.

    So, to be honest, being the top DPS'er doesn't always mean a thing. By all means, if you're good, it'll show. But if you're gonna start spouting off about how you're so awesome when in actual fact you're only good at doing exactly what you're not meant to, then you're bad. Just plain bad. In this thread, i guess that logic means that the people lower on the lists who got loot actually are decent players. DPS is only important if you're doing it correctly. If you're cheesing the meters and causing issues for the rest of the group, yeah, you can f*ck right off.

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    I actually believe it. usually I'm among the top DPS for LFR & I don't win shit. Last night I was in my PvP spec & didn't feel like changing gear/specs etc so I just ran with pvp shit & horrid dps, I won 2 items.

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    the same elemental shaman who consistently did under 9k dps won all protector tokens (3 in total) and an agility ring in my last LFR on hunter.

    Though in my first LFR run when madness was unlocked came top at 57k DPS and i won the staff.

    It's random, it sucks and it's why I roll need on everything in LFR even if I already have it so I have a chance to give it to someone who deserves it.

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    I swear this is true. I've purposely played bad on alts and I win pieces. I can't explain it but it seems the lower your dps the higher your rolls.

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    Haha ye I have to agree thats the way it seems, the noobs always get the loots :<

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