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    Unless, of course, he has it displayed under his instead of as a title, in which it would read, "The 'legacy name' Legacy".

    I would love to be able to change my legacy name, as I made mine hastily after getting annoyed with the screen constantly popping up asking for a legacy name every time the game finished a loading scre's more than enough info on the internet to be able to make an informed decision for your AC and they shouldn't allow AC changes ever. I myself made a Marauder think dual-wielding lightsabers would be cool (and it is) however I was unaware the armor of a mighty Sith Warrior was just dresses. I know I could use a lower level orange and mod it, but I don't like limiting myself to the available cosmetic gear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by invader View Post
    your missin the point lol................. for some stoopid reason i just thought u had to type the word "the" and your chosen name and it would display it like "the name legacy" or "toonname the name", yes i was a tard for doin that but maybe i was just chuffed at the end of my class story and wasnt eally concentratin or what i dunno as it popped up as i was leaving the area where i finished my class story, i already had a name i wanted to use so just whacked it in and then was like AAAAHHHH wtf did i do ;p
    but mistakes happen and now it looks like i gotta suffer with it for aslong as i play this game lol...................

    as for AC, in my eyes a bounty hunter or agent is the class.. the AC part is just a set of specs for that "class" so obviously you cant say i wanna swap from bounty hunter to agent at a trainer. but an option to change from one AC to another isnt a big deal as far as i see ;p.. i mean how the hell do you know your gonna like being the AC choice you made when you level up passed level 10.. they shoulda made it a level 50 thing. swap between them all untill level 50, maybe leave some important talents out, see what you like then make your choice...
    all it does is limit you........

    i am disappoint that i made this mistake... so anyone else reading this just make sure you got it correct lol, or suffer by hiding your legacy !!!!!
    At some point they will allow you to fix your name or offer a service to do it (like WoW does), at least I hope they will. As for the AC, ya they are effectively two different classes. I play a Trooper, the BH mirror, and Vanguard and Commando are nothing alike. Vanguard is heavily melee focused. Commando is heavily ranged focused. It is like playing two completely different classes, it really is. I imagine the exact same applies to the two BH ACs since they mirror. Maybe they will introduce AC switching, maybe not (I hope no), but there is enough information given in game, on their website, and on the internet that everyone should know exactly what they are getting into when they click which AC they want. When I made my trooper's AC choice I knew exactly that I was picking between a melee class and a ranged class.

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    The Legacy system is a nightmare - no confirmation box whatsoever.. I tested to see if Bieber was taken and guess what it is now by me!

    I hope they allow us to change them in the future I know tonnes who want to change. Reckon if I get people to report mine I will get it "force-changed?"

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    yea conscript, i agree that the 2 ACs per class make each AC choice like a different class. but why let you choose at level 10 tho?? without fully trying both AC choices out?? you can do all the "research" you like but until you get hands how are you to know that what sounds good when you read it is actually what your gonna enjoy playing??? i did it on my bounty hunter, thought hmm powertech tank sounds great, when i did it levelled up i thought it was pants (my opinion)....

    back to the subject in hand tho, i really hope they let you redo your legacy name, even if its only allowed ONCE that would be enough, youd have to be even more of a tard than i was to make 2 mistakes lol... heres hoping eh

    and ROFL "the beiber legacy" ha, suddenyl i dont feel so bad, cheers dude hehe
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    Quote Originally Posted by invader View Post
    so after all the awesomeness of the class story line, the excellent twist towards then end and the fun and excitiment, it ends up meaning nothing if u make a tiny error lol.... nooooooooooooooo
    kinda the same thing when you choose your "special" spec... if you end up finding you dont like the choice you made then your also screwed over.... come on bioware, sort this shit out, its only a game so why not allow changes if folks r unhappy bout it..
    There is in depth warnings and information on the Legacy name, you fucked up not Bioware. At least you can still earn the perks they will patch in for gaining levels, even if you hate your name, its not going to be a gameplay disadvantage.

    Also...Advanced Class is not a lightly made choice either it is your true class. No other MMO's have allowed you to change classes because you didnt like them. The answer has always been to reroll different class.

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    yea i said it was ME who fekked up not bioware ;p just a shame that a simple typo by myself while not payin the attention that i should have has cost me from showin my legacy name without lookin like a plum .. and no it doesnt affect how the game plays but still a shame im stuck with my fekk up
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    Quote Originally Posted by Liania View Post
    Would be nice with a way to show how it would look yes. The only way you could have made it look like "the thejenkins legacy" is if you typed it like that.

    Even if you wrote "The Jenkins Legacy" and they added a "the" (which they dont) it would read "theThe Jenkins Legacy"

    So what I think happened is that you named you legacy "the thejenkins legacy" (typing error, shit happens) and clicked ok before checking it. Other than that, your story doesnt make sense.

    What you type into your legacy name field is what is shown 1 space behind your name. So "OLOLIPLAYSWTOR" would be "name OLOLIPLAYSWTOR"

    About the AC, how is it different from wow classes? Think about AC as a seperate class you choose at lvl 10, if you dont like the class, then reroll. If you choose a wrong class in wow, you cant just magically change class, your forced to reroll, which is how it should be.
    I don't think you understand that there are 2 ways to display your legacy name.

    1) Like a last name
    <CharName> <LegacyName>

    2) Beneath your name.
    The <LegacyName> Legacy

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