View Poll Results: Which class are you going to main first?

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  • Wizard

    68 20.61%
  • Demon Hunter

    68 20.61%
  • Barbarian

    59 17.88%
  • Witch Doctor

    55 16.67%
  • Monk

    59 17.88%
  • I won't have a main

    8 2.42%
  • Shadow Priest

    13 3.94%
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    What class are you going to play as your main first?

    Please participate

    Post your choice and why if you feel so inclined.

    I'm doing Wizard based on the Sorc's ability to MF so well in D2. Demon Hunter is hard to pass up though.
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    Very torn between the Barb and Monk. Going with Monk because I love the look of the playstyle. Just don't like being stuck with my hands and staffs.
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    Sorceress, then demon hunter, then monk.

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    Yeah monk will definitely be my 3rd choice. Barbarian is the only class I have no interest in. Witch Doctor looks like it may feel like Necro from a PvP point of view, which would be a lot of fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sorceress View Post
    Sorceress, then demon hunter, then monk.
    Hah! Me too!

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    After playing the beta, Wizard will be my main, but I will probably try out Witch Doctor later when I can level it up faster, and Demon Hunter. Barb is the only possibility for a melee character for me, because I just do not like Monk's playstyle at all.

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    Monk or Barbarian
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    Wizard is my main choice for now.

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    Wizard. But I am not hyped at all for the game

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    Demon Hunter.

    I have always been very partial to ranged non-magic classes.

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    Monk main. probably a demon hunter alt...still trying to make up my mind on Witch Doctor. the firebats spell alone makes me interested in rolling one.

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    I am thinking Demon Hunter, as I am really liking the flavor of it. The other three classes are also appealing so that may change. When the game finally comes out or if I get into the last wave of beta, I will know for sure.
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    Going Barbarian first! Then Monk or Wizard.

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    Witch Doctor for softcore and Demon Hunter for hardcore.

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    I can't decide!!! Only ones that I probably won't level first (but will eventually) are Witch Doc and Demon Hunter.
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    Wizard atm, I was leaning towards monk first but after looking at the skills etc I've changed my mind for now.. However I feel it's impossible to pick without having been in beta or anything, hard to pick a class based on webinfo and ytube videos : /

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    Quote Originally Posted by Siaer View Post
    Demon Hunter.

    I have always been very partial to ranged non-magic classes.
    Me too! I'm very attracted to the Hunter mythos--it feels very comfortable to me for roleplaying. I will also try Barb because I never did in D2 and he looks fun. And I've gotta try the Witch Doctor cuz he just looks creepy and cool.

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    Wizard <3333

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    Either Wizard or Witch Doctor

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    Looking forward to the monk, witch doctor is a close second.

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    Wizard because its so fast and I am compelled to meticulously destroy and loot everything.

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