View Poll Results: Which class are you going to main first?

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  • Wizard

    68 20.61%
  • Demon Hunter

    68 20.61%
  • Barbarian

    59 17.88%
  • Witch Doctor

    55 16.67%
  • Monk

    59 17.88%
  • I won't have a main

    8 2.42%
  • Shadow Priest

    13 3.94%
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    Wizard, then Witch Doctor.
    I prefer playing casters/magic users as my Main(s).
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    Wizard. Haven't played the beta as extensively as I'd like but it was by far my favourite and my husband is going to be playing a barbarian and I think that's a reasonable combo.

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    Play all of them till Skeleton King then decide the 1st one! can't decide before tryin, all of them seem quite attractive and cool :P

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    Beyond the 1% barrier.
    Monk first, then either Barb or Witchunter, probably WH
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    Demon Hunter and Witch doctor, i wannap play both badly. The rest doesn't appeal me at all though.

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    As you can see in my sig my main will be a Demon Hunter and after that I also want to test Witch Doctor and Monk. Oh man why can´t the game just release SAD PANDA

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    My first main, hmm, hard choice..
    Stuck between Monk and Demon Hunter, both seems really awesome

  8. #28
    Torn between Monk and Wizard at the moment.

    Also... Shadow Priest... what?

  9. #29
    Sorceress in D2 > Mage in Wow > Wizard in D3. Love playing casters. I'll probably make a Witch Doctor second.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drakhar View Post
    Torn between Monk and Wizard at the moment.

    Also... Shadow Priest... what?
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    Main implies you think there will be raiding. It's Diablo, not an MMO. There are no mains and alts in that universe, only characters you are playing at the moment until you decide to play a different build. Beta has proven that you will essentially level all the classes and work towards perfecting them.

    And Demon Hunter will be the first toon, because this and the Monk are the two most overpowered and least gear dependent.

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    Haha those 5 guys voting "Shadow Priest" Uhm yeah you know my first char will be one too ..... in WoW

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    Witch Doctor since it seems closest to Necromancer

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    Witch Doctor!

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    barbarian or witch doctor....smashy smash vs curse curse :/

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    Wizard or Barbarian

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    This poll is cool !! Wizard, Demon Hunter and Monk have all between 30 and 32 votes GG

    Demon Hunter all the way

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    Demon Hunter then Barb possible followed by monk.

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    Demon Hunter or Wizard - both look awesome! That will definitely be a tough choice when it finally comes out. I don't find the witch doctor or the barbarian all that appealing though.

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    Just like in D1 and D2 - Wizard I love mages/wizards and play them in almost any RPG
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