View Poll Results: Which class are you going to main first?

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  • Wizard

    68 20.61%
  • Demon Hunter

    68 20.61%
  • Barbarian

    59 17.88%
  • Witch Doctor

    55 16.67%
  • Monk

    59 17.88%
  • I won't have a main

    8 2.42%
  • Shadow Priest

    13 3.94%
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  1. #41
    Going with Witch Doctor myself, I love the look of the pets.

  2. #42
    barb or demon hunter, havent decided yet

  3. #43
    Glad to see witch doctor is gonna be the least played. All the kiddies are gonna be running around as wizards and monks while I rape them with the most unique class

  4. #44
    Quote Originally Posted by trunkrollah View Post
    Glad to see witch doctor is gonna be the least played. All the kiddies are gonna be running around as wizards and monks while I rape them with the most unique class
    Then I will rape you as a Demon Hunter LOL I will definitely play a Witch Doctor too tho
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  5. #45
    Demon Hunter, Wizard, or Witch Doctor... or perhaps in that exact order (then the rest in whatever order). We'll see.

  6. #46
    Leaning towards a Witch Doctor more and more even if i love the Demon Hunter too, specially after looking at my old Necro screenys .

  7. #47
    Either wizard or Witch doctor, undecided.

  8. #48
    this thread seems to be popping up everywhere lol... between a wizard/demon hunter for me.

  9. #49
    wizard! imma fry everything

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    Barbarian, it was also the first character I played in Diablo 2, loved his spells (If you can call them that)
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    Wait, Barbarian can MF? OH GOD I can't change my vote!
    Prob Barbarian, anyway. I loved dual-wielding axes in D2 :P
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    Witch Doctor.
    I love having summons.
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  13. #53
    Witch doctor.

    Feel the pain mofos >:-)

  14. #54
    Demon hunter because there a class with bow or xbow and they dont use a pet

  15. #55
    WD -> monk - > wiz -> ???

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    I was all "Hmm.. Wizard isn't that fun.. wait what's this? Disintegrate? Hmm let's try tha... WOAH! OK my choice is made."

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    loving the look of the wizard- got no opinions of gameplay at the moment since i've never played diablo before, but I like to look of the spells
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  18. #58
    I'll give The barbarian class a whirl, and it will most likely end up being my main. On a somewhat related note, I'm not nearly as hyped for this game as I once was.

  19. #59
    After playing every class in Beta to lvl 11-12, Witch Doctor will absolutely be my first choice. It's so much more unique than the other classes, has a much cooler feel to it, and it by far kills faster than the other classes. Of course that could all change later down the road at higher levels.

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    Was going to be monk but now I'm at like 50/50 between that and Wizzard.

    Life is hard!

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