View Poll Results: Which class are you going to main first?

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  • Wizard

    68 20.61%
  • Demon Hunter

    68 20.61%
  • Barbarian

    59 17.88%
  • Witch Doctor

    55 16.67%
  • Monk

    59 17.88%
  • I won't have a main

    8 2.42%
  • Shadow Priest

    13 3.94%
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  1. #61
    Barb, DH or Wiz. Dunno really, gonna create 1 of each and take the nicknames I want so no1 steals them Then play each a little bit til lvl 10 or so and then decide. Kinda hard to get a feeling of the classes when u havent played

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    Wizard will be my first due to a solid PvP choice at the moment, however, I'll likely end up playing all of the classes equally a few months into release.

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    I always play the caster or ranged dps so I'm going to mix it up and play barb this time

  4. #64
    A female barbarian, cos they are rude <3

  5. #65
    Necr... oh wait... Barb I mean. ^^

  6. #66
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    Too many Shadow Priests for my taste :\

  7. #67
    Barb....smashy smashy...enough said

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    I really don't know...loved the bowazon in D3, so i will have to try and see what fits best.

  9. #69
    Female monk, because it's like a assasin/paladin crossover, and she has a cute haircut.

  10. #70
    Monk all the way.

    Favoring melee + fist weapons + hokuto no ken.
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    I was going to go Wizard but I'm actually considering making a witch doctor first now.

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    Wizard, then Monk and Witch Doctor

    Don't care about Barb and DH

  13. #73
    Just so so hard to decide but prob sticking with demon hunter ><

  14. #74
    Monk, always loved this class

  15. #75
    I'll probably try all of the classes first.

    I'm going into this game pretty much blind, have not seen much gameplay, previews or anything.

    Also, judging by my Diablo 2 playstyle, I'll never have a real "main" character (more than one will get a higher amount of attention).

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