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    Quote Originally Posted by willowe View Post
    I haven't met a class story i haven't loved.

    Consular, Inquisitor, Smuggler, and Knight so far.

    But I think I was just forced to roll an IA. Jason Bourne pwns.

    Hmmm brings the question: who would win in a fight: Jason Bourne or James Bond?
    Melee: Bourne. All day, every day
    Guns: Bond
    Theron/Bloodwatcher 2013!

    Quote Originally Posted by Alsompr View Post
    Teasing, misdirection. It's the opposite of a spoiler. People expect one thing? BAM! Another thing happens.

    I'm like M. Night fucking Shamylan.

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    Im not really liking the Trooper storyline much... It has some great quests and sub plots, but the main plot is a very bland "we need to collect x people, each one which is on a different world after you complete a lengthy chain". I almost feel like im playing Zelda games again going to all the temples to recover whatever the special item is. Amazing video of 60+ devilsaurs raiding Undercity!

    My God, what a horrible creation. People seeing what they want? Thank God they tried to shy away from that. I know it pisses me off when I'm in an heroic raid, yet in the back of my head all I can think is 'some casual player is playing a heroic dungeon and not wiping.' -Vodkarn

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    Actually the more I play IA the more I see the Bond flair

    Bond Girl - Companion
    M - Keeper
    Money Penny / Q - Watcher 9
    Luxury sports car with weapons - Phantom ship
    Bond style villains and plot

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    hmm the more i read this thread the more i wonder about making my next alt an IA rather than a BH. sounds great fun.

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    Oh, another one of adams thousand threads.
    IA think they're based god

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