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  • Mesmer

    35 11.04%
  • Ranger

    30 9.46%
  • Thief

    39 12.30%
  • Warrior

    54 17.03%
  • Guardian

    44 13.88%
  • Elementalist

    37 11.67%
  • Necromancer

    42 13.25%
  • Engineer

    36 11.36%
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    To be honest I'll probably try out most professions, but I'm still stuck on my choice for the main one I'll pick. I thought about Ranger simply because I'm a big fan of pet classes, but I'm still considering Warrior simply for the ability to have heavy armour and a large arsenal of weapons to play around with.

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    I've never been one to make a choice from the get-go and stick with it, so I'll probably play all the classes considerably before making up my mind.

    As far as races go, I'll probably stick with Human for my Scholar and Adventurer classes, and probably Norn for my Soldiers. May even stick with Human when I try guardian, and leave Norn for my Warrior. Asura, Sylvari and Charr just don't appeal to me.

    I do have to admit that I'm excited about the Mesmer. I enjoyed the Mesmer in the original Guild Wars and I love psychic themed magic. Hell, even as a kid playing Pokemon way back in the day, I tried my damnedest to build an all Psychic/Ghost team! My love for psychic themed classes is one of the many reasons why my main in World of Warcraft has been a Shadow Priest for quite some time.

    The Elementalist, however, looks very tempting as well, not only having different skillsets for each weapon combo, but also for each elemental attunement on top of that. They sound quite fun.

    Next, there's the Necromancer. I love playing debuffers as well, and the aesthetic of Necromancer abilities is just fantastic.

    Beyond that, I'll probably mess around a little with an Engineer, and I'll probably also try a ranged Warrior and/or Thief.

    As far as weapons go, I have no clue at the moment, even after checking out the skill builder. However, an Axe wielding Necromancer sounds interesting.

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    Thus far I'm sticking with my gaurdian, with an elementalist (probably) as my second profession.

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    Norn Warrior.
    Always played warrior classes, something about the juggernaut in armour has always appealed to me. Also Norn warrior will be even better cause i can can't think of anything better than playing a Viking-esk warrior.

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    Mesmer is still my main choice, followed by Ranger.

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    I'll plan on playing 2.

    Guardian (lore, archetype) suits my personality.

    Mesmer suits my PVP playstyle.

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    I've planned on a Mesmer since 2007. Nothing has changed. My primary alts will probably be Elementalist, Thief, and Guardian.

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    Mesmer, I will be seeing all you guardians in hell, because I can send you there :3
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    Elementalist and most likely Azura.
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    first character will be a Norn male warrior. mace/shield, mace/warhorn, hammer, bow. and go smash stuff.

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    Warrior main, then do all the achievements down the class line like GW1. Wait for expansion.

    Oddly, I feel less compelled to want to play "everything" this time. Given time, I usually play every class so that I know what tools they use and how in a raid environment. But since instances are rather lite here, there isn't any motivation for me at this time to plan out a class order.

    So I guess, Warrior. And then take it from there- Mesmer, Elementalist, Engineer...
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    Like I answered in all those threads before: Charr Guardian and Asura Thief. Voted for the kitty here.
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    All I know is I won't play guardian, elementalist, or necro. Engineer I'm not sure of yet, I think they're going to be kind of ridiculously strong with thumper turrets. Warriors was my initial choice up until I found out that Greatsword wasn't good for PvP and that every warrior will be going 2h mace because of all the skillful AoE knockdowns/backs.

    Thief and Ranger look very fun to play. They feel like very solo oriented classes with a high skill ceiling and lots of diverse utility.

    There's not enough info on Mesmer(or any class tbh), but I'm really just interested in playing Greatsword Mesmer, like warrior Greatsword, if it's not viable for PvP I probably won't play it.

    For races I'll most likely switch between human and norn, maybe one sylvari. Charr and Asura will not be made, unless there's glaring racial imbalance.

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    ... Holy shit. I was originally rolling a thief. Now it's guardian for sure. >.>

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muzual View Post
    Am really stuck between Mesmer and Elementalist, I also don't know which race I want..

    Too much choice
    Right! Me too!

    I really like them both but I'm alittle on the Elementalist side right now, I'm probably gonna decide if I get into some kind of

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    Ranger > Guardian = Warrior > Mesmer > All.
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    Thief main, dual guns pewpew. Warrior alt, dont know 'bout weapon yet =3

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    Sylvari Messmer for me, because well that will be beautiful , and most likely an Asura not sure what Prof tho.

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    Sylvari Mesmer for me too. After that, or thief. The engineer looks fun - but I *love* we'll see.

    Warrior is my least favourite...and Necro isn't that appealing. I think I like the gameplay more where, if you get hit, you die - but you've got a bunch of sneaky ways of not getting hit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Speedy92286 View Post
    After looking at the builder, I don't really like the sword/shield combo. I like Flash Blade but everything else, to me at least, is inferior to the mace/shield. Mind you this is my own opinion.
    Do you know a funny thing? I can play however I want because ArenaNet let's me! That's what so awesome about Guild Wars 2, if I find a special weapon combo awesome, I can play that way because.. I can 8D

    And you can play however you want with weapon combos you like

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