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    How Inventive is GW2, Really?

    This is by no means a bash thread. I've been wanting to play GW2 as much as the lot of you. This thread is here to make people scratch the itch.
    Please name one feature GW2 is bringing to the "MMORPG genre" (I say that very loosely) that no other game has ever done before?
    A lot of us go on and on about how "revolutionary" GW2 is going to be, but how much of this is true?
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    Nothing comes to mind, but i've only been following the game loosely.

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    Why does this thread have to be made? All the info you need is in the sticky. You want hand holding or someone to bold info for you? I really don't get it.

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    its not so much that one feature above all else is the key deciding factor for our views of the game, but rather a combinations of many features that other mmo's have implemented all in one place. So many in fact that its very hard to even say one is greater than another.

    The game is trying to break what is held traditionally as the rules of a successful MMO, that many MMO's have done strictly to the letter sometimes to the point where it hindered their potential. That is what we like about it.

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    I don't see this thread ending well at all. There is a sticky FILLED with information about the game if you want information on what features it has and what might be unique to it.

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