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    Do some of you already have a guild planned out?

    Just curious, do some of you already have a guild planned out? The objective for the guild? Strictly PvP? Just curious.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Menkey View Post
    Just curious, do some of you already have a guild planned out? The objective for the guild? Strictly PvP? Just curious.
    Kinda. Couldn't get my TOR/Rift guilds to charter a GW2 chapter but a few friends from another game plan on playing. Will shack up with them more than likely. PVE only.

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    Of course I do!

    A PvE/PvP/RP/WvWvW/whatever guild, and very friendly to say the least.

    (Still trying to get more family interested in the game, it's too awesome to pass up.)

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    Just a reminder: you can join as many guilds as you want. But you choose to represent one each time when you log in.

    But on topic: if enough of my wow guildies come to GW2 we'll probably make a guild, if not then I'll join some other, maybe a large social guild which will do dungeons and some pvp, have to wait and see.
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    Depends on how the guild system works. I have been lead to believe/told that changing servers is something that you can do easily, so I would want to know if guilds come along with you or however that works, maybe they are not server based but can be cross server?

    If the guilds are server based, I would make my own guild and invite people along the way. The guild would not be based around PvP/PvE/WvW, but encompass all aspects of the game and be focused on creating a great community.

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    Not yet, but good idea!

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    I actually totally forgot you can join multiple guilds, but I plan to hopefully find a very PvP heavy guild!

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    A few wow friends will prob make one.
    They like to pvp a not a huge fan of it in wow (coz I hate rogues and locsk tbh) but I like the look of it in GW2.
    I plan to join a few: one for RP, one for guild mates, and one for PVP. At least, those are what I'm most interested in in GW2. I may find 1 guild that suits all of these...we'll see

    Also...I'm in Asia, which sucks for me time-wise as most of my mates stubbornly stayed in the UK when I moved out here. So, that might be a factor too...I'll prob also join one that's on Asia time.
    On a side note...this makes the lack of raiding awesome for me, because the main up-time of servers won't matter as much in terms of what exactly you can do to "advance" your character. One of GW2s most attractive features to me tbh.

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    Yes. The most of my friends i've played WoW with are moving over to GW2, the guild is planned out. Turbo PvP and WvWvW
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    yep its a community guild from a website just to hang out and do whatever. I also plan to make a guild just for a few friends of min so we can run the 5 mans with the guild name (gonna try and make it sound like a title) over our head :P
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    Aye. I and a few buddies have formed a semi-serious guild. Link's in the signature

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    My old guild from GW1 (Dances on Graves [DOGS]) originally planned on getting back together with GW2 but we've fallen out of contact over the years (its been like... 3 years since we were all super active...), so I'm hoping I can pick it up with them again.
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    Quite a few of my real life friends are forming a guild. Anyone wht to get all the mmo champion guild on one server. So we can chat and rp. If u like the ideai we can all join the server which beings with M. As we don't no the names yet

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    Kind of. I have a few mates that are coming over from various MMO's and I'm going to create a guild. Not just for us, but for mainly Australians. Organize DE's, certain dungeons, help each other out, PvP and more

    Got a lot of experience from WoW so I'm excited to be with my mates!

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    Yeah i am kind of, haven't settled on a name yet but its basis is me and some close RL friends

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    Yes. My guild wars 1 guild

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    Good luck to everyone in building your guilds I wish you nothing but success and a happy new year

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    Quote Originally Posted by SPeedy26 View Post
    Good luck to everyone in building your guilds I wish you nothing but success and a happy new year
    Happy new years you too

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    That place...with the stuff.

    My plan is just to wander aimlessly on whatever server I end up on and eventually fall in with fun groups of people as I meet them.

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    Already in an awesome multi-gaming guild, so most likely rolling with these guys on launch ^^
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