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    They spelled February as Feburary. Do you still think it's real?

    Also, whoever made the sign is bad at margins. That "midnight opening" is not even centered. Horrible attempt. Horrible Photoshop.

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    people who don't read threads irritate me, mistakes have been made on signs before - a new sign is sent, and the original stays up until that time.

    Bashiok's choice of words is also irritating haha, i really hope this comes out soon - as someone said at the end of page2, I neeeed something to play.

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    2012 march somewhere confirmed

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    Go to Diablo Haven to also find similar findings.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vallius View Post
    So, the folks over at Gametrailers posted this up a little bit ago and apparently Bashiok already tried to waff the smoke away saying this is apparently hearsay. What do you guys think? I don't see Best Buy going to all the trouble for nothing.
    Well, apparently they DID go thru all the trouble.

    Official Blizzard Quote:
    Diablo III does not have a release date. Any store or person claiming otherwise is guessing.

    Update 3:
    It gets more interesting! When we called the Rochester, Minnesota Best Buy this morning, a manager explained that the sign has been taken down as a directive from the store's "GM" (general manager), not because the manufacturer had asked but because the manufacturer has been "not very firm" in picking a launch date. As many had guessed (per the misspelling of "February," among other things), the signage was made in-house and not sent by Blizzard. If you happen to spot any similar signage in your local big box retailer, don't hesitate to contact us!
    Quote Originally Posted by drwelfare View Post
    Strip naked, cover myself in butter and go kick some ass

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    More rumors:

    Hot News: Diablo 3 Release supposedly by the end of February / early March!

    Although many fans believe that Diablo 3 will crash into the Cologne Cathedral like a meteor in this country, we can assure you that the demon travels conventionally. Having said that, we've already arrived at the bridge to the freshest news regarding the release date.

    This afternoon we heard from a reliable source that in the 7th or 8th calendar week (of this year) dozens of meter high pallets with the Diablo 3 Standard and Collector's Editions are being expected at a big, international trans-shipment center. The destination: the big German retail shops like "Media Markt", "Saturn" and all the others.

    For understandable reasons our source couldn't tell us the delivery date, but if we assume it takes another 10-14 days from the big warehouses, then Diablo 3 could be hitting the stores by the end of February or early March. Accordingly, the so-called "Gold"-Version along with the Guide Books should be in production and print at this moment. Incidentally, we were also told that Diablo 3 was declared once before already, in November last year, but got canceled. Calendar week 7/8 were also booked with reservations, but we're in high hopes that it will work out this time.

    That's all for our latest news, as soon as we know more, we will post a new update immediately.

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