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    Nerf weapons! Do you play with them?

    Over the holidays a relative of mine sent me an N-strike Recon CS-6 nerf blaster. I am not sure what the reasoning behind this was but as soon as i played around with it i was in love. Target shooting around your house at obstacles and friends is an absolute blast. I had literally no idea nerf blasters had gotten so much better over the years until now.
    Anyways, I started looking online at these things, and some of them are really cool, like the belt fed fully automatic vulcan that nearly made my jaw hit the keyboard the first time i saw it.
    There are also a lot of mod tutorials online to make your blaster even better. I preformed a simple one on mine that only required a screw driver and a power drill and it added 15 feet to the guns range!

    I also saw something else though. Apparently nerf has melee weapons. Not those shitty dollar store swords but actual high quality decently priced ones. My interest piqued and i went over to wal-mart where i picked up a couple of the only type they had, 2 blue N-force vantage swords (which are apparently a step up in quality from the previously made thunderfury (copy write problem blizz lol) and shadowfury models) for only 10$ each.
    When I got home I played around with them a bit and found them to be amazingly good for the price. They are not professional larp quality weapons of course, but they are still incredibly durable and tough. Several reviews I read said theirs lasted over a year even though they used them constantly.
    They are a dense polyester feeling foam that covers a strong plastic rod within that provides support and balance. They are not to heavy or to light and are very comfy to hold. They are also incredibly good looking and solid feeling.
    As I was searching online I also saw several other types that caught my eye. there is a long 2 handed type sword, a twin bladed battle axe, a 3 flanged mace, a small tomahawk, a twin blade set that you can connect to form a bowstaff, and also a small shield that comes with a dagger. (most of the weapons can come in a variety of colors)
    I ordered the longsword and mace and they should arrive Wednesday. I am in a DND group that meets weekly and sometimes we bring props to the meeting and have a bit of live action fun before/after an encounter so I am totally bringing these weapons to the next one and hopefully I will be able to get some of my friends to go out and buy some for themselves so we can have a real battle.

    these are the melee weapons i have/am getting
    Vantage sword (have now)

    Marauder Longsword (getting)

    Battle Master Mace (getting)

    Warlock Axe (possibly getting)

    Are there any other people out there that are into nerf weapons?
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    I haven't touched a nerf weapon in years but HOLY OMG THOSE ARE AWESOME. I really want one of those swords, checking walmart as we speak..

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    Yes i own several, have wars with my lil bro when ever i visit.

    Ironically one of the 1-handed nerf swords was called Thunderfury don't know if they still sell it.

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    Idk about the melee ones...

    but the guns are friken awseome, before x mas I walked up to the girl friends house, and I didnt know her 14 year old cousin was over, soon as I opened the door I was bombarded by the two of them with foam darts and plastic discs, so next day I bought one for my little cousin, so wish I bought one for me to now and I know he spent the entire day shooting his father and my cousin
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    I'm a self-proclaimed nerd but melee nerf weapons are too much even for me.

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    This thread is so cute.

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    It's funny how some of the guns and weapons closely mimic actual lethal weapons...

    But yeah I use the standard nerf revolver and I'm decent enough shot that, that's all I need.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Redmage View Post
    Yes i own several, have wars with my lil bro when ever i visit.

    Ironically one of the 1-handed nerf swords was called Thunderfury don't know if they still sell it.
    I believe its still sold, but its not as good as the Vantage sword.

    If any of you are having trouble finding them in store you can find all of them on amazon. (dont buy the shield + dagger set though, its way to small to be of any use. even kids don't think the shield is big enough)

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    I don't own any but there was a toy shop near my student house where my friends and I would go down to buy video games but they had some nerf guns unboxed lying around so the 6 of us would have mini wars. Needless to say six twenty year olds running around shooting each other in a toy shop mainly aimed at ages 5-10 got us some funny looks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Turtlesftw View Post
    I haven't touched a nerf weapon in years but HOLY OMG THOSE ARE AWESOME. I really want one of those swords, checking walmart as we speak..
    This was my exact reaction.
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    Skelington used to have a few, but they all broke...

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    Yup, played with em about 20 years ago.

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    features a lot of their newer guns.

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    This thread is so cute.

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    Nerf are amazing. I found one of the best things to do if your, take the cover off your fan and shoot bullets into it. they go everywere, so fun.

    Also great for shooting things like cats who try to drink from the sink or other stuff like that (try not to hit them, just get near them. Head shots are a big no)). It's a little bit adorable, i just whip out the nerf revolver and the cat runs like a god damn horse.

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    I'm not opposed to these, but what do you do after you buy them? Like swing them at people?

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    Do not swing these at police officers, it might get you... killed!

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    That longsword looks pretty beast, but I wouldn't have anything to do with it once I got it. As for the guns, yeah they can be pretty fun, especially if you have a cat or some other pet (obviously a nerf gun that hits hard wouldn't be used here).
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    Those look nice BUT some jerk bought my grandkids said weapons and now they are banned from my house (the toys that is) because a kid with an axe means my lil bulldog is unhappy and chased.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kippi View Post
    I'm not opposed to these, but what do you do after you buy them? Like swing them at people?
    Pretty much this. I mean I can understand the guns, because well....they shoot stuff. But swinging a foam axe or a sword at each other? I mean seriously? Maybe when i was about 12......I just dont get it.

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    No.. I would feel a little embarrassed to play with nerf stuff now.

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