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    Hitting women is wrong. Is hitting men right?

    Just a question that came out in my mind after seeing some stupid rage comic on Facebook.
    People got quite involved in the topic seeing the comments below, so I thought you MMO-Champs could think about this a bit too

    So we all know that women should never get hit, not even with a flower blahblabh because they are the fairier sex and men are generally phisically stronger and blahblahblah again.

    But if a woman hits a man (and I've seen it happen) with a full strength slap in the face, it DOES hurt even if women are weaker.
    If a men hit a woman with the same strength, she would probably cry like a baby for hours, the man instead just takes it and doesn't react with violence.

    So what do you guys think, is "violence" against men perpetrated by women to be condamned as much as the opposite?

    Before posting, please do not turn this into a sex-war. I just want to hear opinions about a "delicate" topic, that is about relationship between men and women.

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    If anyone came up to me and hit me I would hit them too.

    If someone is stupid enough to start violence they are taking a risk of getting hit too.

    I dont care about gender or age (ofc i do not hit 10 years old who comes by) but lets say some 15 years old wannabe bling bling gangstar(you know the type) if they hit me I hit them too.

    But violence should be avoided but it can be nessescary the real world aint pink flowers everywhere.
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    It isnt "right" to hit anyone, women or men, unless it is in self defense.
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    This is a delicate topic, so it will degrade into a sex-war more likely than not. Sorry.

    Anyways Im of the opinion violence should be avoided altogether if it can be helped, more of self defense than anything. And at that point, neither sex in my eyes are immune.

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    Hitting others is never right - it doesn't matter if someone is hitting a man or a woman.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Diggasson View Post
    It isnt "right" to hit anyone, women or men, unless it is in self defense.
    True words.

    Tho I have a pair living above me and she is obviously a beast and screaming at him like 30 to 60 mins per day ><. I guess shes even hitting him. Should I call the cops, I mean hes a man.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BondGirl View Post
    True words.

    Tho I have a pair living above me and she is obviously a beast and screaming at him like 30 to 60 mins per day ><. I guess shes even hitting him. Should I call the cops, I mean hes a man.
    I'd talk to your landlord first, if I was in your situation.

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    It's not right, but it's not really frowned upon so much either. A man hits a woman and he's a terrible excuse for a human being and should be put in jail. A woman hits a man and the man is a wimp for feeling pain.

    Either way, if you have a penis, you lose.

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    Violence in general isn't right. In most cases atleast.

    A general misconception about women being weaker then men and men being dominant.
    Women can often stand pain better. I wouldn't wanna give birth... However, yes, physically men are generally stronger then women.

    But in this day and age it is more about it being socially unacceptable to hit a women. I don't hit women, i don't fight women, i don't armwrestle women. You can never win.

    If you lose, you're a weakling for losing to a women.
    If you win, you're an asshole because you beat a women.

    And about the women crying and men not, thats just the nature of the sexes. Women and men are raised differently, especially during teenage years.
    Where women are considered more delicate and elegant, and men are considered tough, etc.
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    As a man, if I was required to hit a woman to secure my own safety or the safety of another then I would do it. It wouldnt be fun, and I wouldnt "beat her up" but if I had to restrain her to stop her hurting me, others, or herself then so be it. Better than the alternatives that could occur.
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    Ofc. it's not right. Imo, hitting a man is just as wrong as hitting a woman, but if they're asking for it - you dont hesitate. The stereotype,built within the society, that hitting a man is acceptable, but hitting a woman is not, is absolutley a total BS.Like some dude above me said - if you are starting a fight - you are taking the risk of getting hurt.
    Because some things are just worth fighting for.

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    A good example of women having "more rights" to hit is what happened in Finland few months back. A dude called into 112, which is our emergency number because he was being beaten and abused by his GF and all the fellow in the other end of the line did was "Lulz, are you being beaten by a woman?"
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    id hit it !

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    Socially, violence against men is more easily tolerated than violence against women, yes.

    Morally/ethically, neither is really at all justifiable outside of self-defense.

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    A man should never hit a women unless it's in special circumstances.

    And while I agree that violence is a last resort sometimes it happens, especially with men. I've been in my fair share of fights, some I regret, some were needed aka to protect a female friend from violence. I've been in bar fights that were mostly alcohol fueled, something i'm not proud of in anyway but as this will become a discussion about the difference in sexes i'd rather have a 2 minute fight and be bruised as men do then use catty insults, social exclusion and rumours as women seem to use. I've seen it happen and it's way worse to hit your mind then your face.
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    It should be clear as to whats right or wrong in any case of violent action against another, what ever the case may be. Restraint in the face of choosing weather or not to engage in such behavior will always vary from person to person, from culture to culture and is really a dead end issue as far as what can be considered morally correct in regards to these points.

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    It doesn't matter what sex the person is, if they're starting a fight they should get socked in the face.
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    As a woman, I never expect my fiance to hit me. And I'd never hit him, EVER. It's disrespectful. And if ANYONE hits me, I'm going to kick their ass. I don't care if they're a man or woman, if they're 10 feet tall, or in the heavy weight division (I'd get my ass kicked here, I know!). I don't tolerate it, and neither should anyone else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Powell View Post
    Women can often stand pain better. I wouldn't wanna give birth... .
    As far as I know, there are several studies showing that men - in general - are quite a bit less sensitive to pain.

    But as you said, this whole "mans hits a woman et vice versa-thing" simply has to do with the typical gender roles anchored in our society.
    Still: Hitting others is something completely unnecessary unless it's in some self defense scenario.

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    If you hit someone, expect to get hit back

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