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    Up until today, I thought my server (Ula Vii) was pretty troll/a-hats free. I got to Dromund Kaas today with an alt and general chat was full of people openly insulting others and trolling all around. The funny thing was that almost nobody ignored them, instead they were just feeding them.
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    The Razor rarely has trolls in General. If it is it's funny stuff.

    I lol'ed last night irl when someone said 'lfm knucklerot and luzran' in general.

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    Scepter of Ragnos Republic Side is doing pretty well in regards to this subject. The only actual douchebaggery I've seen yet started yesterday on Voss General due to some people talking in... dutch I think.

    The nice thing however was that someone managed to change the subject to potatoes and all was well <3

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    Naddist rebels really "descended" in terms of general chat. Their was a handful of trolls at the stand, and by handful I mean like 3 and its still pretty much 3 dudes. In fact I had a really good general chat with a bunch of people on alderaan yesterday. I forgot how much I missed just socializing with people in a game like that.

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    The best way to combat them is to ignore them. If you continue to be helpful and friendly, then other people will pick up on your example and also remain helpful and friendly. Don't descend to the level of the trolls: don't argue with them, don't insult them; simply do not react to them at all. If they get no reaction, they get no fun.

    Furthermore, as tempting as it may be, don't get annoyed at the new players asking questions. Keep answering their questions, then sign off your answer with something like 'if you have further questions, then (url of useful website) is a great resource'. Don't simply say 'go look at (useful website), stop spamming general', because chances are that guy has never said anything in general chat before, so will think you're being rude for no reason.

    In short: ignore trolls, remain helpful and polite to new players. This is the best and only way to ensure general chat remains a healthy, happy place to be.

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    Darth Bandon Empire Side has about one troll, who never made it out of Dromund Kaas.

    Other than that I've seen nothing but helpfulness in all of /1.

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