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    First time I've ever ran to the bookstore. -.-
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    I find it quite disheartening that I got an erection just by reading "Cowboy boots".
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    The greatest generation is long dead? Last I checked, Miley Cyrus, Kanye West, Rebecca Black, and One Direction are all still kickin'...

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    Anyways OP, bottom line - Watch the movies. Grab a few books. It's worth it
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nilan View Post
    Anyways OP, bottom line - Watch the movies. Grab a few books. It's worth it
    Thank you, just picked up the only 2 movies they had at my walmart. Plain on getting the rest, thanks!

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    Han to luke: You look strong enough to pull the ears off a gundark. - Gundarks are on dromund kaass .. duno how han knows about them.. smuggler on a sith homeworld??

    Leia to Han: Why you stuck up scruffy looking Nerf hearder. - Nerfs are on alderaan (this makes sence since she grew up there) large bovine type creature.
    The fauna of various worlds has been transplanted over the millenniums in the SW universe. Lots of things exist on multiple planets. Nerfs especially, being the primary domesticated meat species of the stories, are everywhere. You see them on Alderaan because you see a lot of farmland on Alderaan. Calling someone a "Nerf-herder" is like calling the a "Sheepherder" on earth, it's just an indication of someone from a backwater who isn't familiar with cities and more advanced civilization.

    If you read the post-movie books you'll actually hear a bit about Dormund Kaas, but it's completely abandoned by the time of the movies. Luke and his son go there in one of the more recent books, actually. Some of the creatures that live there have been transplanted to other planet though. Gundarks are around in various places that are strong in the dark side of the force.

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    I thought everything was canon unless it disputed with the movies?
    According to Lucas everything is cannon. In the event of a discrepancy the order of "most cannon" is the movies, the radio play (yes, there was a radio play), the books, then the games. Lucas never acknowledged the couple of SW related TV shows that came out in the 70's (thank God). I imagine the new Clone Wars cartoon is probably somewhere between the books and the games. (I've never heard of Lucas saying anything about it though).
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    This was something that annoyed me, House Organa survives 3,500 years? Really? Come on.
    In all fairness at that point its just a name from the character we've seen in the movies. The British royal family can trace its bloodline accurately and with near unquestioned certainty back 1000 years and in many cases its believed they go back as far as 1500 years. Name by Name to a direct ancestor. They only Difference is the name changed, they still say its the same blood and family all those years.

    Someone else mentioned the name Fett. Thats a different animal all together as Fett is a clan name. A good historical equivalent would be the tribes of Israel, whom for a very long time take their name from the 12 sons of Jacob. These people would likely share a common ancestor but not necessarily a name. The only major difference in the SWTOR lore is being mandalorian wasnt a genetic connection. You didnt even have to be the Taung race to be a mandalorian by the time KoTOR 1 came along. You could be adopted and brought into a clan or you could join and by some means you were in a clan.
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    heat ≠ light

    "They was WATERING them. They was trying to GROW WHEELBARROWS."

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