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    How fast do you kill mobs?

    How fast do you kill npcs (normal, strong and elite) in this game (class, level, spec) when playing alone?

    I'm 31 JC (tank) now and play in combination with a healer pet so I can solo a lot of stuff very comfortable with zero downtime (and its useful in open world pvp situations too).

    However: Even normal mobs that come in packs of 4 or 5 npcs start to take around 3 to 4 hits each (alderaan) until they die, the strong ones (silver symbol) take like 8 to 12 gcds + the execution time of the abilities. The elites... well you can take a guess. ;-)

    The damage output of my aoe abilities is ridiculously low (one gcd hits for maybe 10% of a normal mob's health) and the damage output of single target abilities is roughly the same if you compare the execution time, damage output and force costs so it does not really make any real difference what I use (slightly more damage with force-based range-attacks though).

    I'm aware of my abilities, buffs, procs, equipment and playstyle. Of course you can blame me and say: Use tank/dd-pet and dd spec or group up with people. I agree that this would help a bit.

    This is not meant to be a "I want to blast everything away with one gcd, swtor sucks" thread. I'm just curious to hear your experiences so far, especially how it feels from a dd perspective.
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    37 smuggler, 1.5 cast time + 1 instant cast for most regular mobs
    Elites take me about 30~ seconds, the decent elites that is

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    My Jedi Guardian, level 35, kills things rather quickly. I use my DPS companion so packs of 3-5 usually take 30 seconds or so.. "strongs" are about the same if its just 1 of them and elites maybe a minute/minute and a half.

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    About 30s per pack when Im going all out. I have a 30s CD and occasionally I go to hit it andn have to wait a second or two when I reach a new pack. I'm a marauder and I play with Vette, ranged DPS so the mobs go down quick, but I have to heal between each pull.
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    30 Juggernaut - About as fast as pushing a semi down the road with your tongue.

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    Jedi Sentinel here. Using DPS companion, Kira. Packs of mobs usually go down in under 20-30 seconds. Silver mobs go down around 20, gold around 30-40. Currently Watchman spec so the dots keep rolling and ticking away at their health.

    Trying trooper now, Vanguard Shield Spec. Stuff still dies pretty fast.
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    15 Sniper - I kills a pack of 3 mobs in around 10-15 seconds with my dps companion. This is rather low levels though.
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    On my Merc (lvl 32, Arsenal spec) generally I can take out a group of normal mobs with a single Death From Above with the odd occasion having to use my regular shoot to finish them off. I can also generally take out a group of mobs with sweeping blasters after a fusion missile lands on all of them. As for hard mobs, I generally get off a few tracer missiles, a rail shot and finish with an unload. Elite mobs generally take a good few hits an before they go down. That being said, majority of the time I out level mobs by a good few levels (they are normally green for me).

    On my Sorcerer, find it harder. Very limited AOE as I'm healing spec (level 29) and Khem Val generally kills mobs at the same rate I do which compared to my Merc seems like forever. However, I do find it much easier to kill Elite mobs as my Sorcerer since I can spam heal my companion and dont pull agro myself but as imagined it takes its time.

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    I haven't tanked in this game, yet, but in general the idea for a tank should be to grab multiple packs at once and then you can burn them down a bit slower than the dps classes, but almost as efficiently combining the multiple packs with less need for self-healing between pulls.

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    I can kill 5 normal mobs in about 5-10 seconds as a Mercenary.

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    Level 46 Sith Inquisitor Assassin, Deception Spec. I can literally one shot "regular" mobs. Strong (or "Silver" mobs take 4-5 GCDs (at most). Elites tend to be the most frustrating, due to my lack of ability to heal outside of medpacs and Seethe. Typically when solo'ing elites, I aggro bounce back and forth between myself and my tanking companion, whom I always have out. He has an awful high chance of dying, but I never really come close unless it's a particularly strong elite.

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    Jedi Sage lvl 44, Telekinetics specc atm, normal mobs take about 5-6 casts (1.5 sec cast time, no crits that is), strongs about 2/3 times that.

    Feeling very weak during questing, yet in pvp my dmg output seems good.

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    50 sorc, 13/28 madness spec.
    1 shot multiple normal mobs. (instant Chain Lighting)
    4-5 globals for strong mobs (3 dots and 1-2 Force lightning) Coluld just cast 2 force lightning and have it die, but I like dotting and then moving onto the next mob.
    Elites probably 20-25 seconds.

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    As jedi knight its really 2-3 hits on a single regular mob , im around lvl 20 or so.
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    42 Guardian. Mob strength varies wildly and it seems my class has much stronger aoe potential than single target. Elites can take me through my rotation (9 seconds) 3-4 times even with a relic popped but I end up killing the groups of 4-5 regular enemies in 2-3 GCDs depending on how spread out they are. Very little down time with my healing companion, however proper use of defensive cooldowns are required for tougher elites.
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    Mobs dying speed is less of a concern with me. Survivability ensures the least down time. If you're killing and neither you nor your companion are dying, then that's the key because otherwise you'll have 10x a slower speed on things than if you're dying and waiting for rez or running back to where you died from a med center.

    If leveling speed is your concern, then focus on exp per hour. This game has some nefarious time sinks in everything BUT combat that kill that exp per hour ratio.

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    49 gunslinger about 6-8sec for a normal group of 3-5, each group takes about 10% of my hp.

    Strong ones are about 15sec, but hurt a lot on my char(Esp. if two or in a pack of normal mobs).. like 30% of my hp if they are alone.

    Elites go down pretty fast, maybe 30-40sec but I need to kite and stuff if they are one of the harder ones...Normally I can still 'tank' them though(as in just staying in cover not moving), if I use knockbacks and stuns but it can cut pretty close.

    Using dps companions btw !

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    yeah tanks got it pretty tough on the damage department
    those guys can only do alot of aggro and soak up damage, pretty useless for dpsing.

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    47 Vanguard. Groups of normal mobs quite fast because of good aoe, silver mobs ~30 sec, elites a little over 1 min, champions 6 to 10 min.

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    Bounty Hunter, Death From Above, all mobs down in 4-5 seconds, Strong in another 2 seconds. eez mode
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