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    Operative as healer with tank companion: level 47
    normal one on one: 2 gcds
    3 normals 15-20 seconds(cooldown on headshot ability)
    Strong 10-15 seconds
    elites 40 ish seconds
    Champion mobs depends on hp but usually they go down(perma healing a tank companion who is killing them doing a auttoattack every 5 seconds doesn't make it faster)

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    I'd say my dps focused Operative kills the mobs the fastest. Although my Gunslinger is pretty close as well.

    I have a Vanguard and have to say that it is the slowest. I don't know about overall time of killing but just an overall feel.

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    Any elite with the ability to put up hard hitting abilities with a brief cast can and will kill me if I make a mistake and the other mobs are not cleared out. Shadows are very squishy if they don't go into combat tech. I love it though, the game can actually kill you and some strategy on groups with one elite and two strong mobs demand attention when you play solo. Heck, if you try to run through normal mobs and a strong mob patrols the area you will die if Force Cloak is not ready. Depending of course on how long Cedrax lasts against these mobs.

    On average an elite takes way more than 8 hits to kill. A normal mob may take some 2-4 hits. Never take the time to count exactly. Strong mobs can take anything from 4-8 depending on crits. Rarely 8 or above. Unless I don't use my abilities right. It's not the speed of the mobs dying that makes it hard to survive, rather how hard they hit sometimes if you don't kite them (kind of awkward to do unless it's only one elite).

    Oh and attacking champion mobs is suicide if your force cloak is not up or you can't kite them. Usually they are immune to our little tricks though so there is no point in using them or even attacking them solo.
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    Lvl 50 Sith Marauder - Annihilation Spec with Healer Comp.

    Normal mobs = 3 secs
    Strong mobs = 8 secs
    Elite mobs = 20 secs

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    Jugg 43, Tank Specced with Healer Comp.

    I don't die, generally, but It takes a while. A long while. ~3 minutes on gold elites, 1 minute on silvers, a group of 4 normals about 40 seconds, so 10s/1m/3m apparently.

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    Groups of normals = couple of seconds of AOE does it.

    anything above that takes frackin' ages, but thats what i get for having a full trooper Medic spec

    My guildies are good tho they often come to group to do the dialy illum and belsavis quests, to speed it up, they need to keep me happy im our only 50 healer

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    As said above, BH Mercs absolutely melt mobs, especially in an aoe situation
    - Explosive dart + DfA = whole group dead in 3 seconds

    Stronger, single target mobs might take a little bit longer, but once you have your PvE rotation going, there isn't much that is alive after your Rail Shot

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    Balance sage just rips through packs, doesn't blink at elites either. I have tried playing with Doc (the healer npc sages get) but honestly I had more progress with old lizard boy who could pull some aggro off of me letting me dps faster. This game is just so unbalanced across specs its silly... its bad across classes too.

    The more aggressive you play the better some classes get. I have a few alts who are painful to play but I find that some companions have good AOE abilities that need to be actively managed so they are used more often.
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