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    Best Skills?

    edit: i think i meant professions as the title my bad!

    hey guys

    so im lvl 50 with lvl 3 speeder so now i have the money left for skills.

    I did zero skills whilst leveling so can pick any up now im 50.

    Question is which ones? and how can i level them? (can i jsut send companions all the time)

    I have 400K credits currently and get around 100K every couple days.

    I do PVP only and am a Powertech bounty hunter.

    Thanks for any help as i never took the time to learn about skills on this game

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    You can level to 400 without leaving the Imperial Fleet. There are no "best" professions, but Biochem comes with a reusable med kit, which would probably serve you best in PvP. All the professions are pretty much the same in terms of benefit though, and is largely just up to personal preference.

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    I would suggest biochem/bioanalysis/diplomacy, with biochem you will be able to make a reuseable medpac,adrenal and stim, it's pretty sick for pve and pvp. The money is great too, i am constantly doing crew skills and puting every thing on the Gtn and starting to make 500k-1mil a day now.

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    I would stay away from the proffesions that make armor, u easely get better stuff annyways

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    so the biocham/analysis and diplonacy are the way to go?

    do i actually have to do anything to level them or just send crew? I really hate lvling skills

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    The strength of most professions is that they give you powerful gear while leveling. Since you've bypassed that your best option seems to be biochem.
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    Best gear from rading? Now yes, but what will come in the next patches? We dont know.
    just pick the one you think is fun,

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    Biochem and its associated gathering skills by far. Infinite use best-stats stims, infinite best healing medpacs, infinite use super adrenals. These are incredibly useful in both PVE and PVP.

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    for PvP and the game in general Bio Chem appears to be miles ahead of the rest in terms of its use and the benifits to be gained.

    The med pack alone means you can get 2 more medals in every BG from its 5k+ heal, and you get to craft a re-usable flask type item for use whenever you need it!

    Personally I have cybertech, which is probably 2nd best for non-force users, however i cant help wishing i had taken Bio Chemistry.

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    Is reverse engineering good with biochem?

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