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    Class selections , could use some inner advice

    Hallo fellow Forum trolls and bros

    I am planning on getting SWTOR tommorow as after doing a research for the past 5 days i need some advice regarding the class selection in this game.

    I am balancing between the Sith Juggernaut/ Sorcerer and Assassin and i could use some more info bout these 3.

    So regarding the juggernaut: I have seen that everyone is QQing about them being really UP atm.
    Is that so? Are there any planned buffs on them?

    As for the sorcerer is he a pure caster (aka the lightsaber is more or less cosmetic) or can be also be played as hybrid?
    From most streams i have seen he looks like a pure caster and that would seem kinda awkward having a lightsaber just being there.

    And as for the assasin i have seen he is more or less a hybrid character but what about his dps/tankiness compared to pure classes?

    Also any information regarding the leveling /pvp / endgame of these classes is more than welcome.

    Greetings ,
    Noct out

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    The assassin tanks do more damage than the other tanks, I think they might get hit a little bit harder but they have self heals to make up for it. The dps spec is a lot like playing a rogue, you stand behind things and attack using pretty much the same thing as energy and you get a couple 10 meter range spells. I'm not 50 yet but I feel like dps won't be a problem, I can do some pretty big crits but I don't how they compare to other classes.

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    i see...
    How about sorcs and juggernauts atm mate?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nocturnous View Post
    i see...
    How about sorcs and juggernauts atm mate?
    Don't know much about juggernauts (I hear they're more or less copied off of Arms Warriors - if I'm wrong someone else can correct me)

    I main Sorcerer, and yes, you're essentially playing a Shaman/Mage/Priest rolled into one. The lightsaber is a cosmetic statstick, along with your Focus (Off-Hand), which means while you won't be whacking things with it, you still need to upgrade it whenever possible.

    Sorcerer's have three trees, a healing tree, and two dps trees (Lightning and Madness) both of which work equally well (as far as we know without combat logs) in PvE/Leveling. Madness is generally considered the PVP tree, but I've been winning games as Lightning spec, and I've seen countless healers as well, so any spec works.

    Lightning generally works like this - cast Affliction (Think Shadow Word: Pain) on a target, and follow up with Shock (Fire Blast) and Thundering Blast, which crits automatically if Affliction is on the target. Spam Lightning Strike until you get a proc and then instant cast Chain Lightning. Repeat until dead, sprinkle in stuns/knockbacks whenever necessary.

    A few other neat things - your shield will explode when popped or ends, causing everything around you to be blinded for a few seconds; your Force Speed is only 20s CD; etc etc.

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    I tried a Sith Warrior and I hated both advanced classes (yes, I leveled once twice into the teens). The storyline was fun, though.

    In my personal opinion, this game does not do melee well. It's not so much a game quality issue. It's just that the GCD feels too slow, and the Warrior class is too tied to rage. Everything seems to take rage, even reactive abilities that feel like they should be there on-demand and situationally. This is just my opinion.

    My friends love their Sorcerers and Assassins, in both PvE and PvP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nocturnous View Post
    i see...
    How about sorcs and juggernauts atm mate?
    Juggernauts are great in PvP, but they are outdone by Sith Assassins in pretty much every single way in PvE (Tanking, Damage and Utility), though I'm not sure how they do against other classes. This game REALLY doesn't like melee.
    Sith Sorcerers are fantastic in PvP, and I can't see why they'd be bad in PvE. From what I read, they are the best at healing and without damage meters there's no 100% foolproof way to see if they do good damage , but I imagine they'd be fine at that too. Their Linear Resource system that requires no real management helps them alot compared to the other classes.

    There seems to be no attempt at balancing the classes in the first Major Content Patch, so I wouldn't hold your breath at Jugg getting any better.
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    I can't really speak from a endgame standpoint, but my Jugg takes alot of damage even though I'm Immortal specced (jug tank spec). I was fine until i went to Tatooine. Granted I'm not overleveled like I was on Balmorra and Nar Shadda, but it seems like more than 1 strong enemy and I will have to pop a CD to survive. Granted I am using Vette, because I like her, but I feel like I'm not as bulky as I should be.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nocturnous View Post
    i see...
    How about sorcs and juggernauts atm mate?
    Sorcerers are a lot of fun to play, at least in pve and I hear they are also doing well in pvp, though don't have personal experience with that. They have a lot of cc, coupled with great burst and survivability, which makes leveling a sorcerer pretty easy. Your choice of companion determines your playstyle in this case. If you are using your first companion, Khem Val, you will be shielding and healing him while dps'ing your targets. Then again, if you use a dps companion, you will be applying a lot of cc and bursting your targets.

    The class is so powerful that, in many cases, you can solo heroic missions that are intended for two or more players. This was a life-saver for me because, on my server, I was leveling ahead of rest of the pack and could rarely find groups for flashpoints and heroic missions. When I did find, I could also switch to healing when necessary.

    A very viable class in pve and personally my favorite so far.

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    yeah sorc seem quite fun tbh .

    Will start with inqui and then decide whether to Sorc or Assasin.

    Got any server reccomendations?

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    Only have one recommendation: roll republic instead of empire. Most servers have a glaring faction imbalance with Empire being the dominant faction by far. If you are into PvE than I guess this is great but if you are into PvP prepare for a lot of Huttball.

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    Many people I've talked to that play the sorcerer feel like they're OP while leveling, so you don't have to worry about that. Between having good damage, a good amount of CC, the ability to heal, and escape mechanisms, you won't have a problem soloing.

    Everyone is able to solo, of course, but sorcerers make it look easy.

    As for the advice about switching factions, it's true that Empire might be more populated, but I would be wary about playing your mirror class. Mirror classes are not identical. They actually feel different when you play them. For example, I love the Operative but can't stand the Scoundrel. So just pick what you like best.

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    YEAH true dat but i do have the sith code as a tattoo on my arm , its a shame to go republic xD

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    point is as for the sorc , as i havent seen any stream or so :
    Is it a boring caster or does the class have quite some utility aswell?

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    The problem with sith warrior dps as a Jug right now, at least in my opinion, is that the combat delay really hits them hard. They have a lot of fancy animation abilities with the saber that if you move or smash another button half way though you lose the previous abilities damage and those abilities are usually your home runs with cooldowns attached to them and more often then not very lengthy cooldowns (aka one use per trash pack, 3 or 4 uses per class quest 'boss'). Best way to describe it is as if you had to channel a melee ability but all the damage is deliver in the last second of the animation / channel and I am not sure if it is intentional but its not 'normal' to these type of games from my experience. What makes it suck is as a melee you have to move around the field a little more to be in range of the enemy / in the correct position around the enemy. Not to mention getting knocked around the room a lot more often and if one of your great abilities comes off CD and you get knocked back half way though you lose that abilities damage. Or if the boss jumps to your champion or around the room for whatever reason you have just wasted that ability if it didn't finish with them standing right in front of you. Don't get me wrong it really makes your character look like it is really 'engaged' in a saber battle at times but it is annoying in the over all 'mechanics' of the 'real' world if that makes sense.

    So at the moment I would go with a ranged class unless you are willing to deal with this in the mean time. I know it has been heard and said on every forum on the world and Bioware and replied saying they are working on it. Just need the delivery and they will with time. But by any means don't take this as the class is unplayable. It simply takes a little less twitch hand at the moment to not walk over abilities while they are in play. So right now it is just rather unforgiving because most of us are conditioned to be slamming the next button in a rotation waiting for that GCD. But like I said its being looked into and I believe they will fix it. Just makes to much sense in a world with lag between client, server, and player brains.

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    i see.
    Tbh i really enjoy the sith juggernaut look and his mentality so i was leaning towards him..

    Think i will play up to 10 both warrior and inqui and check it out

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