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    PVP shadow priest

    going from pve to pvpim abit stuck on spells to use cause i seem to be doing shit all damage to anyone and taking a hella to much

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    going from pve to pvpim abit stuck on spells to use cause i seem to be doing shit all damage to anyone and taking a hella to much

    PVP is rough for a Shadow Priest atm but very viable... sort of ...

    - Mind Spike is going to be your BIG burn spell.

    - Your dots will be for pressure, when you don't have the space or time to get off 2 spikes and a MB. Casting VT on a target is important because of the dispel fear.

    - Mind Flaying is only really good if you're helping one of your dps catch up to an essential target, and also for getting Archangel up for when you are spamming Mind Spike...

    - If you're doing Arena, you need to understand your role. You are NOT main damage... you just aren't. Yes you can put out a TON of damage when needed, but for the most part you'll be working on controlling a target by fears, silences, horrors, even mind control. Dots help your prime kill target, but once you get those rolling, you're working on controlling things.

    - Keep an eye on your healer. Call out when you can't off heal him, or shield him or life grip him.

    - Correct me if I'm wrong, but when you have full season 11 Ruthless gear, you are able to take a point out of your spirit to hit talent and place it somewhere else. I recommend putting it in paralysis.

    Yeah, shadow PVP is a bitch. Ever since the nerf to our dots, our damage has been questionable, both in pvp AND pve.

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    One other thing... people are going to focus you almost 90% of the time. I run with 2 pvp trinkets with resil on them. Yes it helps.

    80 Kingslayer Shadow Priest - Spirestone

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    ok cheers dude ye im finding the damage output to be low but thanks for the helpful tips

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    Spriest pvp play style alters between situations. If you're doing a lot of 1v1 it's a lot of dotting while kiting and healing yourself. In rbgs you'll sometimes just get stuck with mana burn duty and that'll be your main spell you're using. For the most part you just throw out your dots and flay for evangalism. When kill targets are called out and you are trying to burn something quickly you just pop your wings and begin the mind spike mind blast spam. I wouldn't expect to top damage in pvp as a spriest, it's more of a situational, bursty damage class.

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    Damage output will be low in arena since you are likely to be focused, but you can definitely top damage in bg's if you know what you are doing.

    My typical method is to try and dot 2 players, clip 2 mind flays to get 5 stacks, pop wings + trinket and then MS/MB/SW-D spam other targets. I usually focus my burst onto the healer who is busy trying to heal/dispel your dots off his partners, and you can try to sneak up big damage. Make sure you are showing target of target on your frames and watch for when they re-target themselves, as that is when they are going into survival mode, then silence/horror while going for the kill.

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