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    New Zealand. Amazing beaches apparently.

    Ireland and Scotland.

    Germany for Oktoberfest

    Russia for Moscow.

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    Hells gate and your next
    North Korea, with a gun and military off course.

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    Perhaps a shorter list would be "Places I don't want to visit" Top of the list includes: Japan, New Zealand, China, Ireland, and England.

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    Quite frankly, I've been to the most countries I wanna go to, but I wanna go to Caribbean, like the Bahamas

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    tons of them

    i dont care

    i want to travel

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    Not a country per say, but north pole. I want to see the giant mountains of ices and auroras. If country then I guess new Zealand, been in most countries in europe?/ asia. But to many posters Russia's tundra is beautiful.

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    I would really love to go to Egypt, but I guess it's ruined now for some years

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    sweden, cause every time i go to ikea it makes it seem like heaven.

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    I'd like to return to the UK for a visit especially Scotland.

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    I've visited quite a lot of countries growing up but in my 'older' age I can honestly say I have no interest in travelling at all. Although, I wouldn't say no to permanently living in another country. One of the great things about being a Print Machinist; it's universal! Having said that I'd love if my job transferred me to Japan or for language-sake, England.

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    I have always wanted to go to the Philippines. I have been to Thailand two times, Egypt one time and Spain one time. I’m from Denmark.

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    Canada, England and the Philipines. All because I've got close family there.

    If family wasn't involved, I'd probably pick China or Japan first.

    I am norwegian myself.

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    i'd say australia

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skelington View Post
    Sicily or Italy could be pretty neat. Japan seems like it would be a ball, too.
    sicily isn't a country

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    Id like to go to a lot of countries: Italy, Germany, Russia, Finland, Scotland, Ireland, England, China, and most of all Japan. To be specific on some of them id like to go to Venice in Italy, Tokyo for Japan, London for England and Hong Kong for China but really i just want to explore the countries and experience their cultures. But i dont see me going to any of them anytime soon i cant even afford to go to other states in my own country (US).
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    I'd like to visit USA, for several reasons like, see Grand Canyon and the desert! It looks so cool at movies that i would like to see them for real as well

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    Ive been to a bunch of countries but I really want to go to North Korea.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Donax View Post
    Ive been to a bunch of countries but I really want to go to North Korea.
    sounds ballzy...

    switzerland, cuz i think the swiss alps are there. ski = fun

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    Been to Israel once Mexico and Canada quite a few times, the rest of my list is kinda long

    Anywhere in Scandanavia really
    New Zealand

    prolly a few more I can't think of

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aronaz View Post
    I'd like to visit USA, for several reasons like, see Grand Canyon and the desert! It looks so cool at movies that i would like to see them for real as well
    Same here, my grandparents went in the early 90s to visit family(my grandpa had 3 brothers emigrate) and I loved the movies he recorded from grand canyon, petrified forrest, yellowstone etc.

    If me and my gf can save up enough cash I wouldn't mind doing a roadtrip, I've been to NYC and Miami but renting a car and going coast to coast(or something similiar) would be really swell and to see family, got most of them on FB and we got a FB group for all family so we are keeping in contact which is really cool.
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