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    SWTOR Questions..

    So im a long term WOW player and tonight im going to possibly By SWTOR but have a phew questions..

    Are there Achievements?
    Can you collect/Farm rare mounts/Companions?
    Whats the Endgame Content Like?
    I heard that it doesnt feel like an MMO yet but do you think this will change?
    I Know its not a good comparision to make but whats SW like compared to WOW....i like to gear my char etc anf the epic feeling wow raids did once give..

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    it has more or less the same MMO content like other MMOs like WoW
    you can gear your char with epics
    raids are only 8 and 16 man, so nowhere near the epic feeling of WoW vanilla raids

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    There aren't any achievements. You sometimes submit an entry into your codex after killing it, but no one can compare codexes or really boast it in any way.

    You can't really collect vanity companions since i'm pretty sure theres only a handful of them, all vendor bought or from the CE edition. Unsure about rare droppable mounts.

    Endgame consists of 2 raids, 3 battlegrounds, heroic/nightmare mode flashpoints. I've not experienced the raids but the videos seem to show them as being underwhelming. Same applies for the heroics which I have experienced.

    The lifeless/non mmo feel COULD be remedied if they got rid of 90% of the unnecessary phasing/instancing and added in some of the basic features we come to expect from any MMO.

    I won't go into the SWTOR vs WoW stuff, only ends in tears. But I will say the controls in TOR are nowhere near as responsive as they are in WoW.
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    Achievements are handled though a codex system. Not totally the same but similar.

    About the mounts and companions I am not totally sure. TBH I am not sure if enough info is out there atm to know all those hidden ticks and corks. I get a feeling mounts will happen. I have my doubts about Companions. But it is really too soon to tell (or hell I might just be ignorant I have done much intensive research)

    Endgame content right now has its flaws. PVP is about as balanced as I have seen this early in a release and has a spark of uniqueness in some of its games. Not perfect by any means but it isn't ass like it usually is at a games release. PVE has had some bug issues and some over all difficulty issues. Most of which have been fixed are in the process of being fixed with new content being added pretty often. So in the end it needs work but it is receiving it often and in my mind isn't far off from completion.

    It has a very single player feel until you get more into the game. Eventually it opens up into a full blown MMO feel. At least thats how I felt it. First few planets not so much. After that for sure.

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    My qualifications I guess are that I started playing World of Warcraft during beta, and have played up until Cataclysm 4.2, simply growing tired of the game. I did a lot of raiding for vanilla through wotlk, and have played other mmos but eventually just left those. With that....

    Are there Achievements?

    Yes, but they are not in the same format you normally see in other video games.

    Can you collect/Farm rare mounts/Companions?

    Not to sure I haven't looked to much into this. However I do know there are certain mounts you can craft, and depending on how your character story plays out you can get certain non-combat pets..etc.

    Whats the Endgame Content Like?

    No idea I have not looked to much into it, however I know there are a few raids (called operations), and heroics (called hardmodes). I have been fairly busy so I am not 50 as of yet.

    I heard that it doesnt feel like an MMO yet but do you think this will change?

    It feels like an MMO to me. If the definition of an MMO is "playing with other players in the same world" than SWTOR has just that. You can however play the entire game as a single player if you would like, however it would limit a handful of content you could see. In conclusion it as much an MMO if not more than WoW.

    I Know its not a good comparison to make but whats SW like compared to WOW

    Apples and oranges. This question is fairly hard to answer, but I guess some more notable features could be that the entire game is voice-acted meaning the quest givers include more depth, and connection. Each class has their own "Class Quests" which makes the immersion level out of this world (no pun intended), it should be expected seeing as Bioware is known for telling a great story. There are a million different things that could be said, I guess it would help if you could ask a more specific question towards a comparison. lol

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    There are no achievements, but there are other features, like Legacy levels, datacrons, space missions, and other stuff you won't find in Wow.

    You get companions as you level up through your class quest. Not sure on the rare mounts, but I wouldn't be surprised if there were some.

    Endgame consists of PvP, raids, heroic dungeons, world bosses, unlocking datacrons, crafting, etc.

    It definitely feels like an MMO. The difference between Wow and TOR is that every planet has its own instance, kind of like the continents on Wow. Instead of using public transportation to get to and from them, you fly your own spaceship (after lvl 15ish). There are many planets. If you get on a populated server, you will encounter many people while running around on planets. Each planet is different in size, but probably the size of 1-4 Wow zones, depending on where you are. Last night on Alderran, there were 150+ players on my server (Jung Ma).

    Gear is similar to Wow. You have to go after gear once you get lvl 50. Currently I believe the best gear is obtained through Valor ranks (pvp), but I could be wrong. I know you get gear tokens from endgame dungeons, and I don't even know what you get from raids yet.

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    If you want a game that plays as well as WoW but has lightsabres and is set in space....................

    this is not it.

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    it's the only MMORPG on the market that's actually an MMORPG

    it doesn't feel like wow, wow has no RPG element at all. you aren't your character. it feels busy and crowded because more people are actually playing but because the cities have a lot of stuff going on that would be there if you were in the city by yourself. it FEELS like an MMO which is all that matters when you're running between objectives.

    the feeling of getting your first lightsaber at level 10 or so is better than any piece of gear i've gotten in wow since vanilla.

    most of the negative things you'll read are total horse shit. i was NOT going to try swtor, wasn't into star wars anyway and i love this game a LOT. most fun i've had in a long time. it feels familiar enough that you don't have to learn how to play if you're coming from wow, but that's it. it's not wow in any sense of the word. quests are fun, class quests are a story line, quest mobs are tougher

    i had more fun between 1-10 than i've ever had leveling in wow.

    100% worth a try, if you dislike swtor then you just aren't an MMORPG fan in the first place. MOST MMORPG fans aren't MMORPG fans, if you like to be efficient then by default, you're not an MMORPG player.

    i stayed up too late playing last night now i'm tired today. lost track of time and was just having too much fun. i love it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by morpheeus View Post
    1. Are there Achievements?
    2. Can you collect/Farm rare mounts/Companions?
    3. Whats the Endgame Content Like?
    4. I heard that it doesnt feel like an MMO yet but do you think this will change?
    1. Yes, but not like you know them. Achievements aren't for weird things like killing bosses in certain ways, or collecting x number of mounts, or /waving at a certain NPC during a holiday. In short, achievements are called codex entries, and you get them for learning more about the world. Kill a certain type of beast? Get a codex entry explaining them. Meet a certain NPC? Get a codex entry that gives them some back story. Visit a certain area? Yep, codex entry that explains the history of the area.

    You also get achievements for unlocking titles, and for completing flashpoints (dungeons). So there is an achievement system, but it's nothing like WoW's.

    2. You can collect them, but there's nowhere near as many as in WoW.

    3. Don't know, haven't done it. Seems pretty good by all accounts, but I've not got personal experience of it. The few flashpoints I have done seem pretty fun though.

    4. It'll change once more people get to level 50. At the moment everyone is hard at work levelling, so it can feel a bit like a solo game. This is also helped by the high focus on story-based content, which is easier to do in a solo environment. That said there's plenty of opportunities for grouping up if you want to, even while levelling (whereas with WoW there's no point in grouping when questing, and LFD isn't necessary and can have some rather unsavoury types).

    Hope this helps. Any more questions, feel free to fire away.

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    Thanks alot for the input...im basically really fed up of WOW so will give SWTOR a go i think,I just want something i can get my teeth into really and hopefully play long term

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