Hello! Today i hit my biochem to 400 and i want to know what Reusable Potion to make? Choices:
1) Use: Increases Power by 565 for 15 s. http://www.torhead.com/item/f2YQFqS/...attack-adrenal
2) Use: Increases Critical Rating by 565 for 15 s. http://www.torhead.com/item/9GNyjPN/...itical-adrenal
3) Use: Increases Alacrity by 565 for 15 s. http://www.torhead.com/item/dHGxRib/...ficacy-adrenal
4) Use: Increases Surge by 565 for 15 s.http://www.torhead.com/item/bokCl8l/...-force-adrenal
5) Use: Increases Accuracy by 565 for 15s. http://www.torhead.com/item/4oLAqvA/rakata-tech-adrenal

6) There 2 more: with Armor and second with force power comes along with -50% damage penalty, so its not a dps choices.
I am Deception Assassin. Thank you.