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    I've got all my pieces now about the drivers!

    I'm starting to build the computer everything and I downloaded all the drivers I should need.

    I got my Nvidia GTX 570 drivers
    I got my ASUS p8z68-v drivers: Chipset, Lan, audio, usb, bluetooth
    and I also got a firmware for my Force GT 3 SSD 120g
    windows 7 - oem

    should I update my SSD if everything is working fine?

    order should be : (ssd), chipset, lan, everything else?

    I'm gonna put everything together tonight since I finally have a day off and sometime for myself lol.

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    SSD: yes. it's sandforce so i'd update it

    i'd do motherboard drivers, then video, then everything else
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    When all the really important/essential stuff is out of the way I would recommend you this to update/install the rest, like browser, flash etc. Just pick your things and hit "Go"


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    Apparrently my Sandforce SSD was already firmware 1.3.3 (latest) so I'm not gonna flash it loll. signature and all match to the latest firmware for the SSD.

    I should prolly check if my chipset is all set... just not sure how to?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Damax View Post
    I should prolly check if my chipset is all set... just not sure how to?
    As you mentioned you have already downloaded the latest chipset driver from the manufacturer of your motherboard. It should be a case of install it and that is it. You can verify it has been installed by checking out your device manager as there shouldn't be unknown devices after all of the driver installations.

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