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    Personally, I'd be happy with character slots and some nice in town cosmetic outfit items.

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    Right. Anyone here play maplestory?
    Take a look at the cash-shop. I'm not saying I want EXACTLY that but I do want diversity like that.

    Things like... animated wings (see through) when you're in battle.
    Shooting red arrows instead of wooden ones.
    Awesome glowing effects that make it look nice, but not like you're some kind of powerranger on steroids.

    Nice and subtile things that make you stand apart from the rest.
    Obviously I wouldn't want it to change in to some Casino. Like this:
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    a replica of Ichigo Kurosaki's bankai that I can transmute to my weapon... I know it wont happen, but i can dream cant I?

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    If there is a gentleman's suit, complete with a top hat and monocle to boot, I'm happy enough.

    Character slots are cool too!

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    Extra cosmetic armor/weapons, maybe exclusive pets for hunters and mini-pets. Some characters slots as well, since I know there are people who didn't have enough slots in WoW, so I recognise the problem and the store could provide a fix. Maybe some cosmetic items, like potions that transform you or items that drop a picnic basket or a keg so people can have a drink.

    I'd be pretty sad if dungeons/DE's would come to the store.

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