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    I don't think UD will be the best, but it won't be useless anymore I wish I had money to go back to undead./ I just love how ud casts, the way they move screams "DIE MTeRFKeR DIE" !)

    But until we get the complete loot list for t14, it might be possible the 30% haste cap will be impossible to reach even for gobelins, so yeah ud might be best.

    Also i just noticed but they deleted mind surge with no word on it on mmo! Haste value went down;s I would be glad if it were replaced by something good but the fact its gone without anything to replace it feels kinda cheap.
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    Natural boost to speed for Worgen makes it my fav.

    80 Kingslayer Shadow Priest - Spirestone

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    myself i am a female undead priest and i love it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cravendale View Post
    Ive seen a couple of male taurens actually, not many mind but a couple. I have never ever seen a fem Tauren Spriest though!
    My priest is a female tauren ^^

    Edit: Looks wise I quite like female taurens, undead, gnomes
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    Troll>all imo

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    PvP or PvE?

    The priest has currently no gap closers (barring PvP fade) so relies on external resources: other players, racial CD, engineering. You cannot separate each of these factors from each other.

    In MoP however the priest will get a gap closer in the form of tier 2 / l30: body & soul, angelic feather, and phantasm.

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    Favorite: Tauren just for the Lols
    Best: Troll for burst, Goblin for static
    PVP: Human if Alliance, Undead if Horde

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    I am a Female Tauren Spirest too on DMF EU server ^^ (Called Wilfy)

    Though i am going Female Panda Spriest for MoP!
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