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    Horde (H) <Tessellate> 11/13M (Twisting Nether) Recruiting

    <Tessellate> 11/13M Is Recruiting

    About the guild;
    Tessellate is a semi-hardcore raiding guild with a friendly, family atmosphere. We advocate patience, respect and communication - working together to provide a strong and enjoyable raid experience. In one form or another.
    We are interested in serious, like minded players that wish to progress through end-game content and have fun while doing so. We don't choose our recruits solely based on gear, we place a large emphasis on their attitude,
    maturity and raid performance. If you are a skilled, dedicated and social player that is looking for a long-term home, we are the guild for you.

    Raiding schedule;
    We raid 3 times a week:

    Wednesday: 20:30 - 23:30 (20:00 Starting invites)
    Thursday: 20:30 - 23:30 (20:00 Starting invites)
    Monday: 20:30 - 23:30 (20:00 Starting invites)

    • A fun, friendly, inclusive, helpful atmosphere
    • Professional approach to encounters and tactics
    • A base of experienced, stable raiders
    • A progression-oriented loot system, to make the team as strong as possible
    • A core of knowledgeable raid leaders
    • Alt raids, fun raids

    What we will be expecting from you;
    - Activity, the ability to raid with at least 95% attendance.
    - Know your class throughly, keeping up with the latest theory and specs.
    - Have a stable connection with a stable computer, we don’t want to waste time and tries with you being offline.
    - Have gear that is suitable for current content, fully enchanted and gemmed as best possible, we aren't going to backtrack to boost your gear just so you can barely compete with us in healing/tanking/dps.
    - Preparation, turning up to every raid with consumables and knowledge of current content.
    - Good quality of both written and spoken English.
    - Teamspeak must be installed on your system, microphones aren't a necessity but are strongly recommended.
    - The ability to follow orders, we are an organised guild and expect orders to be carry out once being told.

    To see what recruitements are open Check out and apply to our Guild website www.tessellate.enjin.com
    Any exceptional players will be take in concideration if they can improve the main roster.

    And If you have any additional questions, or anything else you want to talk about with us before applying, feel free to contact any of the following people in game: Gm and Raidleader: Gettoo
    Officers: justadot and isiel.

    Hope to see you soon!
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    Still recruiting exceptional players!

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    New recruitements are open, check out our website and apply if you like to join

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