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    Alliance ★ [A] <ScrubBusters> Heroic 25 man - World #7 - WoD Recruitment

    [A] ScrubBusters - Heroic PvE 25 man - The Maelstrom EU (PvP)

    - 1 MELEE DPS
    - 1 RANGED DPS
    - 1 HEALER (Any class works!)

    We generally offer solid raiders the option of being a real part of ScrubBusters (not being recruited as a bench player). If we have an opportunity; it's real. So please do contact us to check your options if you like what SB is all about.

    >> Easiest way is to send Luun and Halby a private message on our forums and you'll be contacted usually within 24 hours.

    We raid 19:30 - 01:00 during progress, we do NOT daytime raid.

    What is ScrubBusters like? (General information)
    ScrubBusters Youtube (Check some of our video's!)
    Manaflask Interview in T14 (Gives you a good idea about us!)

    ★ Shortened past guild achievement list:
    Tier 16:
    - World 7, Garrosh Hellscream
    - World 8, Paragons of the Klaxxi
    - World 8, Siegecrafter Blackfuse
    Tier 15:
    - World 8, Ra-den
    - World 6, Lei Shen
    - World 8, Dark Animus
    - World 9, Durumu the Forgotten
    Tier 14:
    - World 9, Sha of Fear
    - World 10, Grand Empress Shek'zeer
    - World 11, Will of the Emperor
    Tier 13:
    - World 21, Madness of Deathwing
    - World 22, Spine of Deathwing
    - World 10, Ultraxion
    Tier 12:
    - World 34, Ragnaros
    - World 36, Baleroc

    ★ What is important to us?
    - Extensive Heroic PVE-experience.
    - Data such as logs to back up your performance.
    - Good knowledge of the English language both spoken and written.
    - You are a vocal team player that isn't afraid of taking initiative in raids.
    - Available and motivated to raid during farm and progression during our raid hours.
    - During progress (usually the first week of a tier release), raid times will be pushed after midnight (01:00 GMT+1 - Server time) and scheduled on a Friday/Saturday.
    - Attendance the closer to 100% the better.
    - Maxing your character with the best professions, consumables, craftables is an absolute must.
    - Come prepared to raids having studied the fights and read our internal forum.
    - Reading the forum and contributing to discussions should be done daily.
    - If your internet connection or computer is unreliable, you should stop reading.
    - You play for the team, which is the guild.

    If you CAN'T maintain these basic requirements do not waste our nor your time applying.

    ★ How does our alt scene work?
    ScrubBusters will provide you with proper 20 man alt raids weekly, with optional extra alt raids on the side. Participating and having an alt is seen as mandatory in your raiding career with us. We expect you to see it as your second main.

    ★ The Maelstrom server
    The Maelstrom is a medium population realm with a very multicultural flair with English as its central language. There is a strong PvE culture and active PvP business going on, especially on alliance side. This allows our players to enjoy every aspect of the game without huge overcrowding problems or server stability issues.

    ★ Any questions? Contact us today!
    For any further questions contact the SB Management: Halby Luun Tazmon and Adaqeu (in-game and forum usernames)

    ★ Applying to ScrubBusters - How?
    Send the application form (see our forum) filled in, without removing the questions in a private message to Halby, Luun and your role officer (Melee: Tazmon, Ranged: Adaqeu, Healers: Halby, Tanks: Luun)

    If you fulfill these requirements, and you think you are what we are looking for take your time and complete the form below. Feel free to add things that make your application stand out (Gameplay video's etc). Putting some effort into your application will make it stand out from others - less is not more. This is your first and most of the times only impression.

    Application forum:
    We generally answer within 48 hours with our decision.

    Remember guys,

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    world: 21
    EU: 12
    EU English: 7
    realm: 1

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