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    New gaming PC ( but I don't want to build it )

    I know the best and cheapest way and most bang for your buck is to shop around and put your own computer together. However I tried this before and it did not go well . I just want to buy one someone else builds . Anyone know of a good prebuilt PC company that sells even budget gaming PC's ? The only one ive been able to find is Cyberpowerpc but they have a lot of serious complaints on newegg such as the PC being dead on arrival . Anyone have any other companies that sell good but cheap pc's ?? ( by cheap I mean sub 800$ us )

    This is a nice PC but not sure if i trust cyberpowerpc

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    Graphics card is really weak. At that price, you really need to build it yourself.

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    If you could specify a few things it would be easier to find something:

    Max price: (Sub $800 is a between 700 and 900 no?)
    Use: What games/requirements do you have?
    Periphrials needed: Monitor, mouse keyboard etc?
    Re-useable hardware: Do you have any items in your current PC you can re-use? PSU, GPU etc?

    Perhaps it would be better for you to find a tech store that you could pay to put together the PC? Even a tech savvy friend or colleague? As Fuzzy said above it is by far easier AND cheaper to get something seperate.

    Something like this:


    However again in this one the graphics card is really not the best.


    Cheaper and with a better GPU but worse CPU.

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