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    I will literally through my chair at the wall and run a marathon, and then cry for about 5 days and nights.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Odeezee View Post
    but still...<Thunder Cats> is an awesome guild name!
    What a hilarious coincidence that my WoW guild is named <ThunderCats Ho> then. ;D

    Anyway, first thing I will do is create my first character, a Norn Engineer, customize him and probably make him look like an old, macho man (like I ALWAYS do)...
    Then I'll show everyone my little (or hopefully BIG) friend and blow stuff up. Wooooooooooooot!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buttfear View Post
    Try putting the keyboard on her back
    Hahah, Howlin!

    I may purchase this. How was the first one?
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    Create 3 awesome toons with my completely unique names that no one ever uses anyway and then spend 3 hours arguing with myself over which toon I want to play first before my wife tells me it's time for bed and I didn't get to play the game at all. Then get out of bed 30 minutes later and tell her I have "heart burn" so I can't sleep and proceed spend the next 2 hours playing my Norn Guardian before I realize that I have to get up in 4 hours to go to work and I should have listened to my wife instead of playing my game. Dangit! Why is she ALWAYS right??

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    Girlfriend just broke up with me so fortune among unfortune I have not to worry about that..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Scottishpaladin View Post
    I may purchase this. How was the first one?
    If you're talking about Guild Wars, eh... the first one's gameplay is nothing like GW2, WoW, SW:TOR and those. To be honest, the gameplay is rather... confusing.

    I'd look at some videos and stuff before you buy it.

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    WvWvW!! Sounds like so much fun.

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