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    Shadow help

    Hey all just started playing shadow priest a few days ago since hitting 85 and at a 380 equipped. I am really trying to push my dps and learn the spec so I can maybe eventually switch mains because of how fun the play style is. This being said, I am looking for some tips and pointers and just general information that I have not really been able to find yet.

    When your refresh dots with procs from enchants such as power torrent or trinkets, should you only be refreshing Vampiric Touch and Devouring Plague and just continue to let shadow word pain refresh through mind flay? or do you need to reapply shadow word pain dot directly for it to benefit from the new procs and the such? have not been able to find info on that yet. Also, do you need to reapply dots every time you get a more powerful Empowered shadow proc? say if your dots are up with a 2 shadow orb proc buff and then you get a 3 stack buff up, should you then reapply dots?

    Thanks again for the help and look forward to hearing feed back all advice is welcome <3

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    Yes, SW: P will automatically gain the benefits when you refresh through mind flay. You can reapply it manually if you need the reassurance. In practice, I refresh directly when I get bloodlust, otherwise I pretty much ignore it once applied. As for empowered shadows, there is no difference between a 2 orb and 3 orb buff, so don't worry about refreshing dots when you blow a 3 stack.

    DO refresh dots if you get EP while under the effect of a mastery buff, like a trinket.

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    ok great, thanks for the help, much appreciated. If you or anyone else has any tips or other info on how to push more dps as well I am all ears

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