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    How well can I run this

    Now I see the system requirements on the website. Then I read how even high end PCs are having a hard time running this game. I meet the system requirements from the website. But only just..

    Intel Duo Core 2.7GHZ
    8800GT SLI
    4GB RAMN

    Would the game be playable on my rig? I don't care for high FPS.. As long as I can get 30FPS I'd be happy or enough FPS where I don't lag all day.

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    Some places can be ram hungry so upgrade to at least 6gb.

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    Check out this site: http://www.systemrequirementslab.com/cyri/intro.aspx

    Honestly, probably not all that well. You're going to be bottlenecked by that CPU and GPU.

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    it will be playable, and maybe close to 30 FPS maximum, on lowest settings.

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    You'll be able to run the game fine, but will most likely have to run it at low settings to get above 40 fps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kakazam View Post
    Some places can be ram hungry so upgrade to at least 6gb.
    Taris in particular...

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