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    Juggernaut or assassin

    I will soon buy swtor and have decided to play a tank, but i dont know which one to play yet. I played a paladin tank in wow, so which one is similar to that class?

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    Jugg has less competition on gear. 1 Advanced Class & 3 specs use str heavy armor. While assassin has 2 advanced classes & all specs on Willpower Light armor. Yes the assassin tank is the only one that goes for the tanking willpower peices, but it's a lot harder to gear up offspecs as assassin

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    Neither of them are like a Paladin. The closest comparisons to WoW would be a Jugg to an Arms warrior, even when tanking, and an Assassin to a enhancement shaman without healing and a mix of rogue-like things. But the comparisons fall short, you're gonna have to end up trying stuff out and you may also want to look into the Powertech.

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    Why not a Powertech?

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