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    Stupid Mistake

    I have recently got my hands on a copy of Sw:tor and have been madly trying both factions and all different classes and AC's but i had managed to get my consular to 26. I decided to clean up my character log in screen and went on a deleting frenzy which resulted in me deleting my consular by accident.

    As ive heard from a few people customer support is kind of terrible on biowares behalf.. is there any chance of getting a character restoration?

    Thanks for your help and advice

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    You know that part where they ask you to type in delete to confirm that you want to delete it?

    Yeah, thats there so you focus on what you're doing, and literally have to type that in. If you selected your character, clicked on delete, and then typed in "d-e-l-e-t-e", its safe to say you wanted to delete your character.

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    thanks for your positive non-sarcastic constructive post mate i hope you feel good i obviously know i did a dumb stupid thing thats why the title says stupid mistake.. thanks again brus hope you sleep better tonight

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    Yes you can, they offer 3 restorations every 6 month period. I found out when inquiring about my mods in an epic I found disappearing when I moved them around onto other items.

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    Thanks Koyori, is it better to ring them up or just submit a ticket?

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    Just ticket them you'll get it back. Since the games still new, don't expect blizzard like turnaround times as there's a lot of tickets. But you should be back up and running in 2-4 days.

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    Like you said, stupid mistake, and it's called mistake because it's wrong and bad. And it's bad because Bioware does not restore deleted characters at this time. At least that's what I read in a tread where people were talking about their experiences with this few days ago.

    You went thru all safety nets, by no1 else fault then yours: Now make new character and keep working on fixing you mistake... and learn from it also, don't do stupid mistakes in life, it costs you.

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    I would ticket the issue. They will prompt you when your ticket is received and then you reply with yes I want to or no. Then they restore whatever the request was.

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    Honestly, you would probably be better off just starting the character again, because customer service is dreadful atm (which is to be expected).
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    Iirc full character restoration is in the works but not actually available atm according to a few prior threads both on here and SWTOR forums. Of course I may be wrong as its just what I have read relating to others losing there toons and the responses they got.
    Regardless if you only managed to get as far as 26 then really just start again tbh, spacebar through everything and you'll be back to where you left off in no time as wait times on customer support is kinda bad.

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    Tbh with it being only 26 and some tickets taking from 3 days up to a week (even seen some cases of 2 weeks) it would actually be faster to just remake. With a greater experience of the game you would also be able to make it better early on too.

    May not appeal to you, and I wish you luck either way, but just a suggestion.

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    I'm willing to bet you can make an Consular and get them to 22 far faster than getting an answer on a ticket. If you are afraid of wearing out your spacebar 1-10 is pretty quick, as is 14-18.

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    Roll the char again

    takes 24-48 hours depending on how you level to get to 25. That's about a week's playtime playing a moderate amount, which will take as long for them to actually restore your character.
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