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    [Fire Mage] So how much haste should I have?

    So I just started up my mage again and found out that fire is now the most optimum spec over arcane. I was doing a bit of research and a couple of sources told me to just take haste over everything else, after hit of course. So I was wondering is there a soft/hard cap on haste for fire mages?

    I know that 12.5% haste is where the dots on a shadow priest are at its best. So is it the same for fire mages?
    12.5% haste?

    And for buffs and such, I'll be in a 10 man raid of each class.

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    Armory Please?

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    you need 2005 UNBUFFED haste rating to hit 25% raid buffed (assuming non goblin and spriest/boomkin/shammy in raid)

    25% is when combustion gets an extra tick.
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    2005 haste with the 5% haste bonus
    1574 if you can get di

    500 less of each if you can get t13 2p.

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