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    I can't wait for Pet Battles or any mini-games...

    In fact, I would be just happy to see some more info on GW2 right now. >_>

    But alas, they're still busy busy busy! So for now I have WoW, drawing, Skyrim, Pokemon, D&D 4E, etc to play with whilst I wait.

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    This is kinda off topic, but since we are talking mini games does anyone know if Rollerbeetle Racing will be returning? That one was really fun in GW1.

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    OP - Those mini pets look much meaner and frankly cooler than anything I've ever seen in wow.

    If Blizz have included it as another feature to battle against their most probable future competitor, I can't see them coming up with designs that awesome. And those were GW1! o.0
    And'd have to research animal husbandry and even further back to try to answer the silly "who started what" debate in this case lol.

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    I just didn't like the 2 platforms and spam your stuff. The idea was amazing. So let's hope for the best and melee polymocks

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