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    There is no point even considering the potential of Guild Wars 2 until it is released. Even when they eventually get to beta, beta is free. You don't have to buy the game to play the beta. While the game itself will be F2P, you must also take into account the number of people who buy it. In order for it to be profitable, it will have to continue to sell the game over an extended period of time not including providing Pay-to-Play services that will expand the game for players that already own it.

    A F2P is a much more complex beast than a Sub-Based game simply because they have more to sell (F2P is a huge misnomer) and much less reason for people to buy what they offer.
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    Gold and the 'need' for it in-game is easily one of the most overblown mindsets in this community.

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    it has no monthyl cost so it will totally co-exist with every other title
    also i dont think anyone will consider gw2 a wow-killer; at least i wont

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    i dont know why people still think you can only play 1 mmo.

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    I don't know how and why theese threads always is created... with every new MMO that's on its way to be done.
    GW2 doesn't need to compete with WoW, so why should it? Let whoever play whatever game they want and you don't have to give a shit, we can already tell that GW2 will have enough buyers to earn enough money to survive, and probably more. Even if they stay or not.

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    The only competition there is, is competition for time. And it competes with so many other games for that . It depends on how much free time you have and what games you want to play more than others. Then people decide which ones they play and which ones they'll skip or leave. For some people, GW2 will be more fun than WoW so they'll let WoW drop while playing other games. Some like WoW and GW2 and will play both. That's all there is really.

    I highly doubt the costs of a game(buy, subs) is what's driving MOST people to play either game.
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    Yeah, closing this. It's like we're stuck in a time warp or something because the same things are being repeated over and over again. Not to mention some of the posts are boarderline game bashing other games.

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