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    A little help please

    Hey guys i'm woundering if you could help me on a quick overall check, here is my armory

    Any information is greatly appreciated

    Thanks alot!

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    Build looks ok. It looks like you'll be CTC capped in raid buffs so no complaints there. Obviously, do whatever you can to get your 4-piece as it will be a huge bonus going into heroics.

    The only thing I notice is that you're using Soulshifter Vortex, pretty much the worst trinket for holy paladins in the past 2 tiers. Sure you get a big stam boost, but the mastery proc is a 100% waste. Until you can get Resolve of Undying or Indomitable Pride, I'd either go back to an older piece. Mirror of Broken images is still very strong despite being 2 tiers out of date, Fires of the Deep (new valor trinket) is solid, even Stay of Execution (firelands rep) will provide you more benefit.

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