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    [H-25M] ★Raiding Rainbows★ [5/8HM DS 7/7 HC FL] LF Rogue / RANGED DPS

    [H] <RAIDING RAINBOWS> [25Man] - [Illidan-US]

    RAID TIMES: (Server Times / CST)
    Monday-Thurs 7:45 - 11:00
    Sunday 6:45 - 11:00

    Loot: Council / item points (not dkp)

    Dragon Soul: 6/8HM
    Firelands: 7/7HM
    BWD / BoT / ToFW: 13/13HM


    Looks like you may be looking for a new guild, we are the Raiding Rainbows and here's a little bit about us! We are a hardcore progression orriented guild, we have been on Illidan since our form during the start of Wrath of the Lich King.

    About Us

    We still have raiders / officers that were with the guild when we originally formed. Everytime new content comes out we push as hard as we can to finish at a top spot and have been able to achieve our goal nearly every tier. While raids are very serious, during farm content we joke around and have fun like every other progression guild. We don't recruit for the bench, if you're applying and we accept you then you should be ready to be in our raid group immediately.
    Here's our statistics thus far:
    US #20th Heroic Lich King kill (15% buff)
    Ended Wrath with a US #21 and World #71 ranking.
    Tier 11: US #22, World #98
    Tier 12: US #19, World #63

    Still looking to maintain our top rankings by adding a few more core players to our roster.
    During downtime we run multiple alt runs weekly, older content and have multiple PvP teams with the guild. We still run Firelands weekly to help members finish their staves and so other raiders can get their Ragnaros mount.

    What kind of raiders we're looking for:

    We're looking for raiders that are 100% progression motivated, we want players excited to show up to raids to progress on a new fight. The "lets bash our head against this boss until it falls over" only works to a certain extent and not on the later heroics of current content. We expect all of our applicants to come to the guild drama free, knowing their class in / out and any relevent content that we may be working on. Again, we're not recruiting for the bench and not looking for players that only show up certain nights. If we want to keep you, we're keeping you for the long haul. If you're interested so far, go ahead and read the rest of this post then head to our website and read some more before applying.

    -[NEED] = Highly Needed Classes
    -[OPEN] = Open Recruitment
    -[FULL] = Will Only Consider Top 25 Players

    -Tank: [CLOSED]
    -Damage: [FULL]

    -Tank: [CLOSED]
    -Heal: [CLOSED]
    -Damage: [OPEN] (boomkin)

    -DPS: [OPEN]

    -Damage: [NEED]

    -Tank: [CLOSED]
    -Heal: [OPEN]
    -Damage: [OPEN]

    -Heal: [OPEN]
    -Damage: [NEED]

    -Damage: [NEED]

    -Heal: [NEED]
    -Damage: [OPEN]

    -Damage: [OPEN]

    -Tank: [CLOSED]
    -Damage: [NEED]

    *We don't like to classify what classes we certainly need or not, we are mainly looking for exceptional players of any class that can complete and progress at a high level.
    If you have any questions feel free to post here, PM an officer on the forums or send me a msg on realid.
    [email protected]

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    BUMP, need mages / SHADOW PRIESTS!

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    I feel sorry for you losing Logoz
    Rincewind: Ah! We may, in fact, have reached the root of the problem. However it's a silly problem and so I am suddenly going to stop talking to you.
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    bump ! need players to be 6/8hc!

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    nice forum sig homo

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    Still could use more apps

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    Pfft we're on MMO Champ thread, this is my world now kids!

    Also bump.

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