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Ok, apparently at no point was I clear enough that I WAS NOT TALKING ABOUT BUGS, PERIOD. Yes, every piece of software in the world has bugs and it is literally unavoidable. But what is unavoidable is poorly designed and implemented features and that and ONLY that is what I'm trying to get at, bugs shouldn't even enter the discussion.
I don't think MMO's get a pass any more than other games. People will always overlook issues if they enjoy the game in genereal. I hate the boss fights in Deus Ex and I knew they would be horrible, because every review said so. That's not going to keep me from enjoying the rest of the game.

Also you need better examples as the current ones only serve the purpose of derailing the thread. The TOR combat is a completely subjective matter and as such doesn't fall into the category of "poorly designed and implemented". The idea that everyone thinks it's poor, but simply overlooks it, is simply not true. Then again cars locking up in a racing game is a bug, something this thread was not supposed to be about either.