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    Reversed Hand of Sacrifice Bug ?

    Does anyone experience this weird thing:

    1. Paladin casts HoS to its ally
    2. Damage reduced by HoS is not transferred to the Pala
    3. Instead, the target of HoS takes that damage
    4. Also, probably, that damage supposed to be mitigated is not mitigated by HoS

    I found this bug by observing combat logs, or addons like recount, and deathnote which can help analysis combat log easily
    But I have no idea about the condition invoking this thing

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    This should be looked into if your serious. It's a raid crippling bug for those unaware and killing their tanks.
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    We found this on Madness of Deathwing Heroic for Corrupting Parasite targets. Our Protection Paladin would cast Hand of Sacrifice onto a player and also recieve Hand of Sacrifice himself for some strange reason - at first we thought it was a UI bug since none of the other Paladins were using Hand of Sacrifice at all.

    After some research it appeared that the Legendary staff would actually duplicate Hand of Sacrifice after transferring some damage.

    > Pala casts HoS onto Legendary staff wielder
    > Legendary staff wielder takes damage and some transferred to Pala
    > Legendary staff wielder 'proc'd' the staff from the damage transfer and managed to apply HoS onto the Pala
    > This killed the Legendary staff wielder as not only was it applying the buff of HoS, but also kept refreshing it with more staff procs.

    This is a screenshot of our WoL. It shows damage taken from Hand of Sacrifice (this SHOULD only contain Paladins, but as you can see it also includes other classes, all of which have the Legendary staff)

    That's atleast how I see it, but yes it is real.
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    When i cast it on our tank during warmaster I noticed i didnt take any damage from it. Also noticed it when i used it on warlord. Someone should post it on the wow fourms.

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    I've witnessed this exact same issue on H Baleroc. Our prot paladin uses Hand of Sacrifice on our shadow priest (who has a legendary staff), and after a little while a second HoS appears on the tank. The priest takes 30% of the paladin's damage and predictably dies. Pretty annoying.

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