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    Swapping to Ret, need some advice

    My guilds having my swap from Prot to Ret since tanks seem to be abundant.. I'm seeking some advice to help me with my rotation/managing cooldowns..

    One major problem I seem to have is at the start of fights when using both Avenging Wrath and Zealotry(& GoAK ofc) at the start of fights I seem to get a lot of Divine Purpose procs which keeps me using TV on every global or a CS. What I'm trying to ask is if its better to save using CS and do a Hammer of Wrath instead to keep it on constant cooldown?

    Another thing that I can't seem to get down is when to refresh Inquisition. Do I refresh it 3 seconds before it expires or wait until I build up 3 more Holy Power and do a quick TV before it expires?

    The last thing is, sometimes my GCD will overlap the regular cooldowns making me waste 1 sec or so on before doing a CS or Judgement. Whenever I get an Exorcism proc should I only use it after I do a Judge/CS and only have 2 HP or when I know it won't overlap another ability in the priority list coming off CD before a GCD would end?

    I know the priority is Inq>TV>CS>Judge>Exo>HolyWrath>cons. I Have checked on MaxDPS and Noxxic for a sort of guide to my rotation, but i haven't been able to really find an answer to the questions I listed. I appreciate any advice anyone can offer and will use it to the best of my ability.

    My Armory is: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte.../joel/advanced

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    http://elitistjerks.com/f76/t110342-...4_3_voice_dps/ you should find everything you need there.
    1) If TV>HoW or not, depends on your gear, you need to sim it out, use the one that's higher on your priority.
    2) Not too sure, I think it's refresh (3 HP) if under 3 seconds, else use inq with whatever HP you have when it runs out.
    3)Don't wait for cooldowns, use what is available, even if you delay your CS (although I'm not sure whether it's worth it for HW or cons)

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    Thanks for the EJ link, I needed something like that for sure. Don't know what it is but I can never seem to find the threads I need on that website. Your responses were what I was expecting to hear but wasn't 100% sure on. I'll be reading what I can on EJ now and see what I can do this coming reset.

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    You really should get CLCret. It helps so much, esp when your heading into heroic fights and need to pay more attention to your surroundings.

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