It seems I have to repeat this far too often. Think of any game you want and ask yourself at the very base level, what are you doing? You’re killing things, collecting things, putting items in a select spot, escorting this person, going to a specific location, etc. At the very building blocks EVERY SINGLE GAME is the same. What matters the most is how you present these things to the player, how you package them up. Let’s look at Minecraft for a moment:

It has spawned a new genre of games, it is extremely innovative, but what is it at the core?

Killing things
Collecting things
Placing items

None of those things are new to gaming, but because of the context and how they’re used in the game, it is innovative.

So if you look at what we know about WvWvW, you could say DAOC did that first, WAR did that first, Lineage 2 did it first, Aion did it first, etc. Though the key here is the only game who actually saw success in their implementation and garnered any clout in gaming was DAOC. DAOC has yet to be replicated, not even Mythic themselves could re-create their own game because they were so concerned with making a WoW clone that they failed to capitalize on the one thing they knew how to do right.

The difference here is implementation, ANet isn’t going to half-ass their WvWvW and have it be a feature that just falls by the wayside.

Public Quests in WAR were entirely static from their position in the world, to difficulty levels, to loot.

Rifts in Rift took PQs one step further by making them random, however the placement of them was still pre-determined and you ultimately only had 4 different events that only looked different.

PQs and Rifts had something in common, which was that they’re both tacked onto the standard MMO model and are an afterthought.

Dynamic Events are built from the ground up as the content in the game, they’ve been in testing for nearly 5 years now. What this means is the entire game is built around the Dynamic Event system and that ANet has gone to great lengths to examine the possible pitfalls of the model while fixing anything that went against their design or threw it out entirely if it didn’t work.

So what does this mean for WvWvW/PvP? Well, this means that Dynamic Events aren’t static and change the world so you’re not going to jump into WvW and know exactly what’s going on at any given time. This changes your objectives from entirely static and predictable to dynamic and varying where you’re not going to login and just see the same thing over and over. Combine that with other players, an entirely dynamic combat system, and we have the most dynamic PvP that we’ve ever seen in an MMO.