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    Holy paladin trinket question

    I have terrible luck with my rolls on trinkets.
    Here's what I have:

    Vibrant alchemist stone
    Petrified Pickled Egg
    Fiery Quintessence
    Core of Ripeness
    Foul gift of the Demon Lord

    What should I use?

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    Alchemist for one, decent int (second only to Foul Gift) a consistent haste bonus and extra mana
    Core of Ripeness or Foul Gift for second. Ripeness if you need mana and Gift if you need throughput.

    I don't like the Egg because the haste proc is luck based and can easily go to waste. If you're gonna go for a low int trinket I'd prefer Core since spirit is always useful unlike a random haste proc. I don't like the Quintessence since it has no constant int at all, however it's short CD can make it quite good IF you're smart about using it. If you can remember to pop it during high damage phases or when you DP then I can see it being a solid 2nd choice along with the Alchemist.

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    Tsunami + Foul gift of the Demon Lord

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    If you can get Tsunami, it's absolutely amazing. But from the trinkets you have, I'd go with Alchemy+Foul Gift.

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    Idk why ppl are saying foul gift...you would be better off using core of ripeness and the alchemy stone or if you have the money get a DMC:T and use that with either Ripeness or the Alch trinket, foul gift for a holy paladin is just meh. It's not a good recommendation IMO.

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    Vibrant Alchemist Stone
    Core of Ripeness

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