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    Quote Originally Posted by Blznsmri View Post
    Where is that said? Aside from a few zealous fans.
    Don't listen to the heretic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pheanix712 View Post
    Cause endgame content is raids?

    a world boss every now and then isn't raiding to me. and that's what I like to do in mmo's... commence the "opinion flame war"
    just plain wrong. there is plenty of dungeons at the endgame, the only difference is its all 5 man, and there is nothing wrong with that, and i can already hear you saying "5 mans are boring, 25-10 man raids are much more difficult and interesting" ye, thats how it is in WoW, just because WoW chose that as their raiding model, doesnt mean 5 mans cant be made interesting and difficult, as a matter of fact, i think its even better since its much easier to form a 5 man group than 25 man one. On top of that, there is no healers and tanks, so dungeons will be much more fun, (think of it as if 5-maning a 25 man raid in wow from past expansion, without healers or tanks, something like ICC with just 5 dps. It is possible, but to complete it you need to use all your skills and tricks to defeat the bosses. and not just stand there spamming 2 buttons and looking at recount)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blznsmri View Post
    Where is that said? Aside from a few zealous fans.
    There's a post on Arenanet about the praise it's gotten from reputable sources...such as pc gamer. Messiah isn't used...but it's called the mmo to beat in 2012...and quite a few other shining things.

    With the quite large amount of info out's fine to hype a little. And here's some from reputable sources:
    From Anet's page -

    And some of them: this is the MMO to beat next year Most Anticipated for 2012
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    @Squirrelbanes: almost all of your links are broken.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rapti View Post
    @Squirrelbanes: almost all of your links are broken.
    Anet moved the post...and subsequrntly the links...from the time of my last post

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